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In the book of Revelation the author lists seven churches.

In this I will mention a few he missed.

One of the problems in the US today is that churches are getting tax money. We need to stop this practice. I am not talking about the faith based programs Jessie Jackson wanted to do surgery on BO about, I am talking about religions that collectively get billions from the government. Now if you are a “separation of church and state” person you will have you hair standing up on the back of your neck and be ready for a fight against those pesky church members. But let me warn you, who gets this money will surprise you.

Webster calls a religion “a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices”. The word religious means, “relating to or manifesting faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality or deity.”

So if we have a devotion to a reality and it is has beliefs and practices it is a religion. Where on earth can you find any group more devoted to something than the Sunday afternoon TV sports crowd? We have the “Church of the Sunday Sports.” It has sub-denominations of Football, Baseball, Auto racing, Golf, and the fastest growing one, Soccer. Their houses of worship are built for them by governments with taxpayer monies. If we were to strip away these government support payments the whole religion may collapse.

Another religion is the “Church of the Environment.” Here we have preachers like Al Gore who tell us we need to give more to the environment in the form of higher energy prices to preserve all that he considers high and holy. Swami Al and he alone knows what is best for us and we must come to his altar and confess our sins of using the internal combustion engine, the great Satan. They are working to entomb the evil carbon dioxide underground. The monies in this religion go to pass laws and win lawsuits that cost us more at the pump.

Another religion is the “Church of Education.” Here we have impressive houses of worship continually built bigger and more extensive to hide the bankruptcy of the work that is being so shoddily done. They fail to teach our children useful skills while pressing the tenets of this religion, diversity, universalism and the like. Time and money can be freely spent on farm teams for the major leagues under the guise of physical fitness. Unlimited funds can be spent under the guise of diversity while exposing our kids to all kinds of perversion. In fact anyone questioning the sanity of this will be drummed out. Common sense and decency have gone the way of whatever feels good. We have teachers having sex with students like the temple virgins of the Greek religions.

Then there is the “Church of the Arts.” Here we support and pay for things that are detestable like a cross in urine, things that are not in the remotest stretch art but like the emperor’s new clothes, if you can’t see them you are not with it. We not only pay for the houses of worship for this cult, we also pay for the priests who ply the trade.

When are we going to revolt against this misuse of our tax monies? These same people can strain on a couple cents that just might in some way be misused to promote religion in faith based charities while wolfing down the funds by the billions for their religions. Jesus said it well, “You strain on a gnat and swallow a camel.” But then Jesus said everything well.