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I have written two pieces trashing ABC, NBC and CBS for having bad coverage about Ron Paul and the race for the Republican nomination. We cannot forget CNN either. They may be the worst of them all. Please read this related article as well.

CNN has already shown during this race for President that they suck.  In December, Ron Paul was giving an interview to Gloria Borger.  She brought up issues of newsletters written under Dr. Paul’s name in 1980’s and 1990’s regarding politically incorrect topics.  Dr. Paul has answered these questions dozens of times, including to CNN and to Wolf Blitzer.  (The Borger interview aired during Wolf Blitzer’s show.)  While the questions were legitmate, they were not after the 25th or 26th time that CNN asked them.  (In Court, we can object to a question if it has been asked and answered).  Ron Paul is not a flip-flopper and is not going change his answer to a question like this or to a policy question.  So asking the question is only to deflect voters from the real issues, like wars and the Federal Reserve, that separate Paul from the rest of the filed. 

CNN continued their unfair, gotcha attacks on Dr. Paul today.  In what started as an honest interview, Dana Bash asks Dr. Paul about an undecided voter that would have voted for her if she could have shook his hand.  However, Dr. Paul could not get to her because of the tie up the media cause with a dressed-up protestor.  Dr. Paul’s campaign cut the interview off and Paul rightly went off on Bash and said that the public should be furious with the media.  Of course, he is referring to the dinosaur media, like CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS, and he would be right. 

The media should not give positive treatment like Alex Jones does to Ron Paul. Instead of the “stupid shit” they talk about, the media should discuss how Dr. Paul is different from the other Republicans in things like the Constitution, wars, spending and the Federal Reserve.  But that is not as sexy as the “stupid shit” they like to cover.  However, they allege to be unbiased and fair.  The evidence continues to mount up that they are anything but fair.  They need to be called out on it.