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William Hague was the best leader under Labour of course. What do you think?

There have been several Conservative leaders under Labour or more so Tony Blair and not Gordon Brown.

Personally I think William Hague was the best, it seems strange to see him on the shadow front bench but now as Deputy Leader of the Conservatives.

I think he has character, humour, substance, leadership and longevity when things are tough.

The only other person who I would have liked to lead the Tories and that is Kenneth Clarke, a recent welcomed back to the front bench as Shadow Business Secretary however HE was defeated in one of the leadership battles which is a shame.

How long will Dave “Cool” Cameron last for? 1 more year in office before the Tories get rid of him and appoint another leader under labour? At least Brown and Blair whatever you think of them have at least stayed in the job for a long period of time which is admirable. Congratulations on that point.

There have been many good points from all Howard, Hague, Cameron, Duncan-Smith but for me if all the ideas were put through Hague then I feel the Conservatives would be better placed to win the next general election. Do you all agree with this brief summary?