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The "Blame Bush" mantra is a dishonest ploy. The actual numbers clearly show how Democrats are more to blame for the frightening deficit.

It has been both astounding and amusing to see this current crop of Congressional Democrats and the Obama White House attempt to spin the alarming debt numbers that have an increasing number of Americans rightfully concerned.  Just released Treasury Department numbers showing that under Obama, the United States has now added $3 TRILLION to the national debt is only adding to that justified concern.

And yet, despite this fact, Democrats continue to point back to the Bush administration and state, over and over again, “It’s Bush’s fault.”  Yes, deficits did increase under George W Bush.  How do those deficits compare to Democrats though?  Here are the numbers that Democrats conveniently ignore in their failed attempts at economic revisionism.

From 2001-2006, when Republicans controlled both the White House and Congress, the national debt was increased by $534 billion per year.  Certainly not an example of frugal government to be sure.

In 2006, Democrats took over Congress with substantial majorities.  They were given the power to spend as they desired, and spend they did, and since also gaining the White House in 2008, the Democrats have added nearly $1.5 TRILLION per year – more than double the Republican’s deficit spending.  In fact, Democrats have spent almost 150% more in deficit spending than Republicans.

This requires a very basic question – if what Bush and the Republicans did was wrong regarding the deficit, how have the Democrats remedied that wrong by actually increasing deficit spending by 150%?  If being ten pounds overweight is wrong, how is being 25 pounds overweight suddenly right?

That is the Democratic Party version of math this election cycle, and it would appear voters are not buying it.