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Now that a whistle blower has revealed the fabrications of Climate Change advocates, will President Obama destroy the US economy anyway?

Even before a whistle blower showed the world that Global Warming hysteria was based upon junk science and fudge factors, reasonable people were sceptical.  Given that over 2 billion people live in India and China and that India and China have environmental controls that are more lax than the United States any one who approached the notion of man made climate change objectively was puzzled over the fact that all the world’s efforts were put on the places that would have the least effect–namely the US and Western Europe.  2 billion people actively trying to get to the same place in their economic development that the US and Europe have  already achieved, by definition they must produce more pollution than we do over the next century.

There were even more reasons to be doubtful of the so called Global Warming science.  Lately we have experienced global cooling.  The models for Global Warming don’t show a cooling effect.  The reaction of the Global Warming alarmists was to change the name of their scam to Climate Change.

Finally, we have as exhibit A, Grammy, Oscar and Nobel Prize winner Al Gore.  Al Gore has given dire warnings and pronouncements concerning Global Warming.  But does he act as though he believes what he is saying?  No he does not.  For instance, Al Gore has refused to give up eating meat and becoming a vegetarian even though the same scientists he quotes for his dire predictions say that cows are 20 times more harmful to the environment than trucks.  Al Gore jets around the world burning fossil fuels and polluting the planet.  Al’s Gore’s home energy usage and carbon foot print are 20 times that of the average American.  Al Gore does not act like a person who believes what he is saying.  Al Gore acts like a person who wants to make money off of Climate Change and to control the behavior of his fellow Americans.

Suppose you really believed in man made Global Warming and you also did not want to harm working people.  Then you would advocate the building of nuclear power plants and covering desert wastelands with solar panels.  Instead, Climate Change advocates back a foolish income redistribution scheme called Cap and Trade.  The true purpose of the scheme is to take money from corporations and countries who earn the money and give the money to institutions and nations that did not earn it.  This is just a smoke screen for Marxist redistribution.

The emails of Climate Change backers and scientists show that legitmate evidence against there assertions was destroyed, hidden or altered.  If the numbers did not prove their conclusions they had already come to they changed the numbers.

Clearly we should not become a Marxist dictatorship and destroy the US economy on the basis of fraud, deceit and junk science.

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