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Unemployment is a far more serious problem than healthcare, but the Obama administration refuses to acknowledge that.

Since President Obama got in office it’s been about the stimulus package which did not create any jobs for anyone I know. And to enlarge that issue, statistics support that the stimulus did not create jobs. Now that the noise about that poorly spent money has died down its all about the health-care debate.   There has been endless debate mostly in   a partisan way. It seems like the people have made their opinions known on that.

 People have expressed their disagreement strongly in town hall meetings and open debate.  Yet Obama’s health-care is getting pushed on Americans even if they don’t want it.

 Unemployment: the poor step-child in America:

 Nothing absolutely nothing is getting done to address the unemployment dilemma in America. Outsourcing of jobs has contributed to the problem. The Wall Street melt down has contributed to the problem, and of course the resulting recession.

But when do you ever hear Obama or any government official speak   about the worst unemployment numbers in 60 years- this is now as bad as the Great Depression. At least the country had Franklin Roosevelt to get the country out of its problems then. Yes government creating jobs worked then and it might work as a stop gap now to stimulate the economy and give people something to hang on to and get them by until the economic situation improves.

How unfeeling can people be about those unemployed, government officials ignoring the whole issue? Scores of people have written to their representative at every level and either gets no response or some dashed off note that gives excuses or says other things like health-care is more important. And the government does not print money. Yes, a very helpful response.

It an example of  it’s a recession when your neighbor is unemployed and a depression when your unemployed. 

Let me know if you have met anyone with a Green job? Cause I haven’t.

Feedback welcome.

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