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Oops….I took some one’s advice and emailed Fox and Friends to voice my annoyance with Ms. Gretchen – well, I went into a detailed rant. Guess during a commercial break, Gretchen read my email and responded: (from Gretchen)

Gretchen Carlson is absolutely PAINFUL to watch on Fox News in the a.m. She offers an ill-informed opinion about everything and cannot follow Doocy or Kilmeade’s quick-witted humor. She adds very little, if any interest to the show and it’s apparent that Doocy & Kilmeade are horrified at her timing and stupid comments. The chemistry of the co-anchors, on this once GREAT morning show is faltering. Bring back E.D. Hill or Alisyn Camerota as Steve & Brian’s co-anchor and AXE Gretchen before it’s too late. She may be a lovely intelligent person, but she does not belong on a huge morning show like “Fox & FriendsI find Gretchen very irritating in the AM.  Her smile is forced, and she treats the guys like an old schoolmarm.  ie: “Naughty, Naughty Boys!”  She rarely “gets” the humor, and any one of the other Fox ladies could occupy her place with far more success and enjoyment to the viewers.  Chrissy be”s comment about her lack of success with pronunciation is right on target.
You have got to be kidding me…she is a joke on Fox and Friends. She wears her skirts up to her fatty thigh and looks like a school girl with cellulite oozing out. Please get her a desk to sit in front of. I can’t watch. I turn off Fox and Friends and go to ABC, CBS or CNN where the ladies are dressed more professionally. Who wants to see that while getting the news. Please!!

Gretchen is TERRIBLE. Could she please wear more clothing so WE DON’T HAVE TO SUFFER LOOKING AT HER SO MUCH!! …Don’t get me wrong – I want to like her - BUT IT DOESN’T WORK!!! She’s just terrible and ANNOYING!!!! She just doesn’t have IT – and it ruins Fox. I CAN’T WATCH IT ANY MORE!!! ….And STOP CACKLING ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ….Man they’re stupid at FOX lately.

First time watching this F*cking moron! Gretchen and her co-host the guy with the dark hair – I don’t care what his name is. But it was the Fox & Friends segment about the Professor whose student bought a hard drive off ebay, and the thing had classified missile tech on it. The entire segment was so incredibly BAD! The two – “Dumb” (the guy host) and Gretchen “Dumber” kept cutting the guy off-they tag teamed the interviewee so badly that they ended up telling the entire story and railroaded the guy off the segment. Did I get any pertinent NEWS-worthy info from that segment from the SOURCE? NOOOOO! And why? Because RETARDS like these two, fortify why not everyone should be reporters (much like “Babs Speech Impediment” Walters – also should be banned from real journalism)! GRETCHEN CARLSON is a F*cking MORON!

Fox messed up when they picked Gretchen over Kiran. I still watch F&F, but it is sometimes painful with Gretchen. Somebody that stupid should at least be hot. Not her. If you like watching someone who talks to everybody like they’re a 5 year-old kid and laughs at all the inappropriate times, she’s your gal.

This lady is well traveled and educated, she is not only engaging but thoughtful and sensitive as most people would expect a lady to be. As for some of the idiotic chatter here regarding her I would imagine these losers would prefer someone who isn’t a Julliard quality violinist, graduate of Stanford and a beautiful spirit who was also crowned miss America. Oh, and a mother of 2. Your mama’s should put in jail for having populated the earth with such worthless tongue wagers.