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A truck full of explosives blew up on the northern Mexican border near the Texas state line, killing 23. How many trucks will explode on U.S. soil and why has the American government allowed the Mexican Trucking Pilot Program?

Just as the United States opened the Southern border to Mexican trucking, a catastrophe has already occurred.

At the northern border of Mexico, very near the Texas state line a highway pile-up wreck happened today on September 10, 2007. The pile-up unfortunately included a Mexican truck loaded with explosives. It blew up and killed 23 people and injured 200. Was the truck headed for the U.S. highways? What if the wreck happened on U.S. soil? What if 23 innocent Americans were dead today because of a truck full of Mexican explosives?

It seems to me that opening the border wide for a hundred or more Mexican trucking companies to haul freight throughout the United States is not only a mistake, but also a foolish, insane, fantastic mistake. Why was the Patriot Act passed that supposedly secures Americans against terrorism while diminishing American civil rights if the government turns around and allows foreign trucks by the thousand or hundreds of thousands across essentially a wide open border? I think the U.S. government has lost its collective mind. Americans didn’t get to weigh in about opening our borders and allowing this to happen. Americans, by and large are appalled. I know I am.

I love the country of Mexico and the Mexican people. Mine is not the voice of prejudice and intolerance. Three of my grandchildren are half-Mexican. I have nothing intrinsically against our southern neighbor or its people. I do have a big problem, however, with allowing trucks that aren’t inspected nearly up to the standards of American trucks, with drivers from a different culture unused to our ways of driving, who may not even be able to read American highways signs rolling across our deteriorating infrastructure willy nilly. Whose idea was this anyway? How many pinheads did it take to allow this insane agreement?

And if our borders are completely open, who watches for terrorists coming into the country to create havoc-not to mention trucks full of explosives that can take out a caravan on the highway?

It simply does not make sense. It isn’t logical. Any clear-thinking citizen of the United States might think twice before working out a deal to allow thousands of foreign trucks into our country. Yet our fabulous government just went ahead and did it.

I ask not only who is watching the borders, since the answer is obviously NO ONE, but who is watching out for American interests? That’s what I want to know. It is also obvious our safety and security just plummeted a thousand percent. The invasion of trucks not only adds to the fear and paranoia pressing down on us from a government trumpeting terrorism with a capital T, but adds to the burgeoning traffic problems trucking already suffers. It tears up our highways which costs the taxpayer to repair. It puts our American driving population in harm’s way, fills our already over-filled truck stops and rest stops across America so that truckers have nowhere to stop or to rest (putting both truck drivers and others on the road in mortal jeopardy), and generally leads us toward a Mex-Amer-Canadian continent/union that as far as I understand no American asked for or expected.

Are we sovereign? Are we a republic? Have we abdicated all control of the government that The People were supposed to have a say in?

When will a Mexican truck full of explosives blow up in Texas or Minnesota or California? When will someone explain to us why this treaty with Mexico is a Good Thing and how and why? What, exactly, are the benefits to the American public? All I can glean are the disadvantages, the insecurity, the sure destruction, and the insanity of the whole Mexican Trucking Pilot Program.

What do you think? Has the U.S. government lost its collective mind or not? You tell me.