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Reason for the mess, fault and solution.

How to Solve the Economic Problem

As the congress has debated sending 700 billion of the taxpayers money to bail out companies that for the most part left alone to fail, head for bankruptcy or close. Never should these companies get a bail out. Being against the bailout a thought come to me.

Where the finger should point

Why do not the politicians who are mostly to blame being they created this mess. They rejected warnings from some of them and the fed chairman 2004, took donations to campaign funds in hundreds of thousands of dollars, creating legislation that forced and allowed loans to be given to persons that could never pay them back in the guise that they where for the poor. The truth is was for reelection and retaining their power. Some of these companies willingly supported and some executives are even managing campaigns.

Cliché revise, the politicians get richer and retain power on the backs of the poor then steal from the working person to pay for misgivings. .

I heard them say greed that was the fault. I agree political greed for power. Now we are to expect that these very same people should be in charge of fixing the problem.

The answer is not a bailout. The answer is not putting them in charge and wasting our time and money. The have already proven that they cannot handle or keep from wasting our money for their own selfish reasons.

The Answer

Do fact finding for your self. Do not trust the media they have their agenda and it stinks. There are plenty of resources via internet to find out who voted for what, who created what and who is working for and financing campaigns. Pay no attention to the finger pointing but find facts and come to your own conclusions.

Vote these people out of office. When done then expect and demand that 700 billion go back to those who paid taxes. Why should taxpayers be held responsible to prop up and cover for mistakes made?

We can spend our money much wiser then what government has proven to do. I am sure taxpayers will welcome $10,000 to $50,000 back in their wallet or purse and our economy will boom again like no other on earth. Demand that no involvement except enforcement of law allowed regulation of business again.