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Walmart will be the downfall of our economy, and the world… if we let it.

Everyone with half a brain knows by now that Wal-Mart is hurting our economy (as well as just about every other aspect of our country), but most people tend to ignore the problem and keep shopping there. After all, where else can you get a a pair of pants for a dollar (okay, maybe it’s more like $10, but you get my point). As long as you are getting cheap stuff today, you don’t care about the ramifications for tomorrow (you don’t even wonder why they can sell at such low prices). That, my friends, is where the problem lies. We have to take responsibility for our purchases now, before it’s too late and we can no longer afford to shop even at Wal-Mart.

So, you are probably thinking, “Wal-Mart has the best prices, what’s wrong with shopping there?” Well, what do you think will happen if Wal-Mart is the only place you and everyone else in you community shops? The rest of the stores won’t be able to compete and will go out of business. Once Wal-Mart has eliminated it’s competition, they are able to drastically raise their prices. This is all part of Wal-Mart’s evil monopolistic plot for world domination. Now you have to spend just as much, or more, than you would have paid at the stores you helped drive into bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, unemployment rates skyrocket. As people lose their jobs, they won’t be able to afford even Wal-Mart’s prices (especially now that Wal-Mart able to charge whatever they want). Some people (actually everyone, since Wal-Mart is the only place left to work) get jobs at Wal-Mart, but find they don’t even earn enough to live on. They buy what they can afford, giving Wal-Mart back their hard-earned paychecks and further fueling Wal-Mart’s dominion over the entire world.

Since almost everyone is unemployed, thanks to Wal-Mart, people can no longer afford basic utilities like electricity and water. Eventually, even Wal-Mart will go under, as they will no longer be able to turn a profit. As Wal-Mart continues to raise their prices, even Wal-Mart employees (everyone) won’t be able to buy anything. Wal-Mart will start laying people off (even though they can afford to keep everyone, and even give them a raise), as they don’t want to pay people when they aren’t getting any business. Wal-Mart care’s only about profits, though their own corporate greed will destroy Wal-Mart in the end.

Soon, even Wal-Mart goes bankrupt as there is no one left to give them business. Their own greed has become their downfall. Unfortunately, they have also taken everyone else in America down with them. You knew it was coming, but you turned away and didn’t want to believe it. Now you are without a job and about to lose your house. All for a 99 cent package of tube socks…

South Park said it best: “Don’t you see? That is the heart of the Wal-Mart. You, the consumer.” We must stop Wal-Mart from completely destroying our country before it’s too late!

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