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Who is them?

This is a huge discussion between my friends and I and I thought I would just give my opinion to everyone, you can comment and say I’m wrong or I’m just a kid and I don’t understand, but I will be prepared to fight for what I believe in. I respect your opinions though.

“Illegal Immigrants are taking all our jobs!!”

Illegal Immigrants usually have jobs that a white person wouldn’t do unless they were paid at least double the price. I don’t think that there should be too many of them but they take the jobs that legal people wouldn’t take. I’m sorry for saying white people and all but it’s kind of true, I’m white and I know I wouldn’t take the jobs they work especially for what they get paid! Plus do you even know how much trouble and how expensive it is to become legal?? So many people talk about how they came here with nothing and want to live the “American Dream” and live a happy life away from their old homes which were most likely pretty dangerous, dictatted, poor and so on. Why make one person pay a couple thousand dollars to become a legal residence and they have to take days off to go see these people how many days off do you think they are allowed to take?? Not much especially with the jobs they have, their jobs aren’t luxurious they are back breaking jobs. Plus people usually come here with their families so why not add another couple thousand dollars on there for each person.

A couple of my friends say they would take the jobs that the illegal immigrants are “stealing” from us right away. No you wouldn’t don’t even lie. Everyone knows that is a load of crap. We have blueberry fields here in Michigan and when I pass by them while people are working I don’t see a single white person out there. Not one! My friends probably wouldn’t even last an hour with that job! The ones that have jobs work in places with air conditioning and comfortable seats and long breaks and you can take days off without being penitalized. Like I said they would never last at these jobs, think about how much more expensive everything would be, instead of 5 pounds of blueberries being $9 it would be at least double that if white people had to take that job. I’m done blabbing on and on now and seriously think about these things.