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As president, many tasks have taken my heart to be implemented for the betterment of the America. However, at the moment, I’ll first address the concerns of the Americans by taking certain important tasks that I’m sure will bring America back to its track. Below are some of the things that take my foremost privilege to be held immediately in America.

Global Economy Policy

Our trade for gross domestic products never have an excellent benchmark since Bush’s eight- -year-long administrations and thus I’ll fight for a trade policy that rewards more foreign markets as means to boost more jobs for Americans. I’ll also take action to increase pressure to the World Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) by enforcing trade agreements to spread good words on our labors, skills, expertises and standards to the world, and to stop countries from continuing unfair government subsidies to foreign exporters and nontariff barriers on U.S. exports. At the same time, I’ll curb any devalued activities that will put U.S. at the position of low currency or dollar devaluation.

I’ll urge world leaders to reconstruct a complete economical framework to boost the world’s and America’s economic growth. To voice my concern about the financial crisis, I’ll work collectively with the world’s leaders from other countries and teams of economical experts as a measure to introduce the new opportunities for prosperity and cooperation among the America’s Congress members and also among other countries. This is important to develop a more effective and comprehensive economical framework in order to promote stability and growth in our Wall Street share market as well as other international financial markets in a macro scale.

America’s Economy Policy

More dollars will be allocated to rebuild our own economic structures as a measure to boost a steady economic growth in America. I want all my people to have better jobs, better payment and better future. I want the progress to bring to America, in which our economy is stable, living condition is good, people here have good jobs and live peacefully while working whole-heartedly with me to fight off the global financial crisis that we’re facing at the moment.

As president, I know the difficulty of my people to struggle and suffer for seeking employments so I’ll introduce more foreign investors to our country to create more jobs for my people here. My members will continue working very hard to strive for the lower fuel price we could ever get by introducing fiscal policy into our financial framework so that the pressure is not felt much by the Americans.

The peace and growth mean a lot to America as they’re both important elements for America and the world as well. Therefore, I urge you all not to discriminate among each other just because of religions, educational backgrounds, skin colors, social and financial status. Whether it be pure Americans, African-Americans, Chinese-Americans or any other American races, we’re all living under one same flag of America, and thus we should care for each other to rebuild a strengthen family so as to stimulate our economic growth and nation building. I urge you to work with me for the betterment of the United States!

I know that some of you are annoyed with the failure of deregulation and poorest function of the Free Market that have caused you to pay for higher tax, educational fee, home mortgage, retirement plan and other daily expenditures, so I’ll work very hard with a brilliant economic team to find a better solution to solve your problems.

Task ahead will be tougher as I’ve to clear up 8 years of George W.Bush’s term, but I promise you that change will be introduced to our economical system. I want to see healthy and stable economical growth back to our country where people can afford to survive.

I’m sad to learn that the minimum wage had not changed for the past 10 years before the Democrats took back Congress. Even the minimum wage is scheduled to rise to $7.25 an hour by 2009 this minimum wage is still not enough to cope with the purchasing power among the consumers. I’m extremely sad to learn that the purchasing power is well below than that in 1968. People who work full time shouldn’t be allowed to live in poverty. To solve this problem, I’ll raise the minimum wage and increase the Earned Income Tax Credit to ensure that full-time workers could earn a living that enables them to pay for basic expenditures (food and drink, transportation, education, clothes), housing, and miscellaneous needs.

I’ll ensure every home and business in urban and rural America to easily get broadband Internet access at a lower rate that can be affordable by low-income people to help them start business with the world. To ensure the success of my plan, I’ll reshape the Telephone Universal Service Program, and direct the FCC to better manage the nation’s airwaves as ways to encourage public-private partnership to have more low-income communities engaged actively in a global business.

As promised in my election campaign, I’ll provide $1,000 dollar emergency energy rebates, which would be sent to working families immediately to help offset the cost of spiking energy and food prices. Over a 5 year period, these rebates will bear by a tax on the excessive profits of oil companies. Additional $50 billion will also be allocated to promote funding for state and local government services and for fast-tracked infrastructure projects. Apart from this, I’ve also considered long-term investments in training, education and workforce development, scientific innovations and creativity inventions, R&D research are essential to create more entrepreneurs, high-wage jobs that will definitely bring prosperity to my country and to a world economy.

Energy and Environmental Policy

As promised in my election campaign, I’ll implement Cap and Trade Program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to its minimal level. I’ll ensure my cap-and-trade policy be effective immediately to ensure all industries pay for every ton of emissions they release to our environment. I’ve also promised to strategically allocate $150 billion over 10 years to accelerate the commercialization of plug-in hybrids, promote development of commercial scale renewable energy, encourage energy efficiency, advance the generation of biofuels and fuel infrastructure besides investing in low emissions coal plants. I’ll encourage for any clean, sustainable energy sources (solar, biomass, geothermal, solar and etc.) for energy consumptions in government offices, private sectors and home users.

As president, I want to help private sectors to create more green jobs for my people. At the same time, I’ll invest in programs to help upgrade America’s highly-skilled manufacturing workforce and manufacturing premises to ensure workers have skills in the green technologies so that a thorough green policy can be attained effectively.

To promote the green air policy, I’ll provide a $7,000 tax credit for the purchased of advanced designed vehicles which release zero or little emissions to the air. Dollars will be allocated for plants that produce the cheapest, cleanest, as well as energy efficiency electrical appliances and transports so that it’ll save consumes on paying higher bills.

Climate change is a global issue caused by a tremendous development and unexpected man-made products. As my country is the largest producer of greenhouse gases, I’ll lead America to reduce greenhouse emissions by using clean-burning renewable energies and biofuels. Meanwhile, I’ll arrange appointment with the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) and any other related environmental organizations to address my views on global energy usage, environmental concerns and solutions via international forums, press conferences, exhibitions and seminars to help raise the environmental awareness and to combat the environmental issues the world is facing now.

U.S. Military, Security Policy in Iraq and in America

I’ll invite a group of Baghdad journalists, a few westerners who have been serving in Iraq and a press conference and those who’ve living in the Red Zone for a chat. From this meeting, I’ll have an opportunity to understand more about the Iraqi life and the sufferings they faced in the past war. I’ll respect their freedom of speeches and opinions as I know they’re people who have experiencing the nightmare of the war than anyone in the U.S. embassy or the Iraqi government themselves. They are people who could tell me a lot more about the present condition in Iraq. Of course, I’ll ensure strict protection is taken for my personal security to avoid the terrorist attack or any unexpected attacks.

I’ll order my senator to invite community leaders, NGO members, investors, press representatives, and the world’s politicians to meet around the table to share their ideas on what they think might be the appropriate and the best ways to retreat the U.S. troops from the land of Iraq. From here, they share their invaluable values with me which will later help me to shape a new Iraqi policy.

I may also prefer to meet the world’s delegates, members of government offices and parliament mostly from Iraqis to attend for my informal chat. Once they get pass the elaborate security checks at the main entrance to the Green Zone, I’ll meet their arrivals with my Iraqi translator. Those who’re here for a random selection for this informal chat will earn themselves a freedom to speak in front of me under a strict security protection. I’m pretty sure that these Iraqis will deliver me plenty of their opinions, views, facts in Iraq, and suggestions that will eventually help shape my personal views on foreign policy, and U.S. military.

I’ll take my courage to strongly oppose Bush’s war strategy in Iraq. And I must admit and feel sorry for the wrong attacking strategy America taken under Bush’s U.S. military policy which has caused many casualties for both Iraqis and American soldiers. I’ll address my deepest condolences to the deceased. I believe that the end of the use of torture and extraordinary rendition is essential at the moment, as many experts have disapproved that torture is an effective method of interrogation. The use of torture may have put my troops serving abroad in a great threat. Also, this torture is wrong and cruel in a moral standpoint. Due to these reasons, the practice of torture and extraordinary rendition should be abolished.

Reducing the U.S. troop in Iraq is essential to apply less pressure on the Iraqi government. My commanders will take a new mission: ending the war in Iraq. I’ll also work together with the Iraqi government to protect the American diplomatic and other parties, and if under certain threatened condition, I may have conducted targeted counter-terrorism missions to ensure the world’s peace. I’ll assure to the world that aggressive and permanent bases will not be built in Iraq, in order to achieve the stability while reducing hatred in the Middle East, and at the same time, I’ll address my personal views on Iraq’s humanitarian crisis and its solution. In a nutshell, I’ll reestablish U.S. Moral troop and leadership to restore the confidence of the world towards America’s position, fame, and reputation particularly in dealing with foreign laws, economical growth and political policy.

I’ll close the Guantanamo Bay Detention Centre which has been served as a recruiting mean for America’s enemies. I’ll develop a fair process to distinguish those who should be prosecuted for their crimes in justice, and those who should be released or transferred to their home countries based upon the rules of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Though I strongly against the war but I’ll not hesitate to order military force to take their new jobs if America is under the threat of terrorists. Therefore, I’ll always ensure that my troops are strong, healthy, agile and lethal to take their painstaking posts to either capture or kill terrorists who pose a direct threat either to America or to the world. I do not want to see 911 events recurring in America. To achieve this goal, I’ll ensure that America is equipped with strong armed forces to help challenging the toughest jobs. Next, I’ll boost our military troops to have the ability to speak several languages so that they’ll understand other people’s cultures, religions, and customs better and also to better target the terrorists in a global context.

America’s security earns my foremost consideration so I’ll ensure every American is safe in their homeland. I’ll assure Americans with a series of homeland security programs to make our land of America safer and more secure to live. With regards to the prevention towards the natural catastrophe, I’ll recommend trainings and tests in all my administrations. I’ll provide them with necessary equipments, supports they require; reallocate the risk group to a safer place; improve the emergency respond to catastrophe or human errors by investing the required and related resources; increase the security in railroads, airports, ports, industrial plants, transit system, roads and streets, education institutions, legal firms, government offices, multinational and private companies, nuclear and chemical plants, public infrastructures, other critical facilities and people’s safety.


Tonight (the victory’s night), we’ve made a history in the United States. Change has come to America. The road ahead will be toughest and challenging for us to explore, but I’m here striving with you to ensure every of your dream coming true in our beloved motherland of the United States. I’ll never forget that the victory belongs to you and I promise you that we, Americans will get there. Trust on me and believe that America can change. Together we’re standing on the land of the United States and I’m here to make your dream coming real for a better life, better future and better global and economical prospect. May God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America. Long life, America!!!