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James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers was fined yet again for a "hard hit" on Ryan Fitzpatrick.

That means he’s reached a total of $125000 of fines. That is RIDICULOUS!

I understand that their need to be safety precautions. Football is a dangerous sport and needs rules and regulations to keep the players safe. But it’s not as if the players don’t know that the sport they play is dangerous.

In the game against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, James Harrison hit Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Bill’s quarterback.

Yes, it was a hard hit. Yes, it probably hurt. But a fine of 25k? That’s insane.

Harrison hits hard. It’s a fact. He’s a big, strong guy, running at full speed. He’s going to hit hard. And, as I said before, people enter the NFL knowing that the sport is going to kill them. Either from one big injury or a hundred thousand little ones, the game is terrible for you.

Everybody, including coach Mike Tomlin, agrees that Harrison should change his playing style- except for Harrison himself.

“The way I play, there is nothing wrong with it. I am not playing dirty. I am not doing anything that is outside of the lines.” Harrison said.

And he’s not! He’s following all the rules to a T, but it just so happens that Harrison is a big guy who’s going to hit hard!

So, Harrison will go on playing the way he wants to, no matter how much he gets fined.