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Posts on several forums that call for Jihad (holy war) supporters incites them to take advantage of urban violence in the UK to fulfill because, according to American intelligence group SITE.

Some of these posts are calling for inciting participants to continue their violent actions through social networking to generate a movement of protest Britain similar to those seen in several Arab countries, according to SITE, which monitors sitesIslamist.

A message posted Wednesday on the website al-Islam Shumukh advises jihadists to “infiltrate the British forums, Facebook and Twitter” with effective slogans like “We are all Mark Duggan,” a reference to the man shot by London police,whose death was the origin of violence.

“What is happening now in London is an opportunity for the mujahideen to move and change lines easily,” says Abu al-Harith al-Qandahari, according to SITE translation.

“Mojahedin must begin to recruit, because it is a very precious opportunity, and to prepare, because the British police is trying to end the riots,” he continues.

More posts on jihadist forums appeal to those who speak English to broadcast slogans hostile to the British Government.One remembers to use a keyword, # uk (for the United Kingdom) on Twitter to be read by more people.

Forum Ansar al-Mujahedeen, militant give links to major English football clubs, like Manchester United or Arsenal, for slogans to be posted there, according to SITE.

British police have arrested more than a thousand people during the four nights of violence that hit London first, then more cities, according to the balance provided by police Wednesday.