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PGMA signed into law (RA9645) that July 27 is a working holiday.

Contrary to the first news that July 27 is a non working holiday, Malacañang clarified yesterday that it is a WORKING HOLIDAY

July 27 is the day Iglesia Ni Cristo was established in the Philippines and according to’s article:

“… the President wishes to thank the INC for the very active and significant roles its leaders and members have always played not only in the spiritual and moral formation of our people over the past several decades, but in nation-building as well” (read the article here)

I ind it good that there are laws like this. It makes citizens feel that there truly is freedom to choose a religion. When you think about it, Catholics have Christmas and Holy Week. Islams have their Ramadan. So now, I.N.C.s have their “foundation day”

What is troubling me is that this may be a publicity stunt, to increase the P.G.M.A. s influence in Iglesia Ni Cristo. We all know for fact that politicians love wooing Iglesia Ni Cristo for elections. Iglesia Ni Cristo is a HUGE religion in the Philippines and their support could guarantee a lot of votes.

In this light, I think is the reason why it’s not a non working holiday. To remove the thought of P.G.M.A. having an ulterior motive.

But then again, why are these laws enacted when there are a lot of other laws to enact. for the lower and upper house to write. How about a more concrete law for waste disposal?

How about laws that are for the common good?

Making July 27 a non working holiday would have been beneficial. It would mean an extra day of rest for Filipinos. But making it a working holiday? what good did it give us? It’s just like making everyone know that INC was founded on that day. Even INC could do that.

DISCLAIMER: If you feel that I am anti INC or something, I am not. I have a very deep respect for INC. A lot of my relatives are I.N.C. The aim of this article is to just inform and somehow vent out my frustration from the government.