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Abuse of famous people from show business people to sports athletes to politicians.

Media outlets today abuse the first amendment to take advantage of the people in the public eye starting with show business people politicians even music along with sports figures. Some where the media should allow these famous people a private life. Constant abuse by invading these people`s private lives is just abuse of the first amendment by main stream media.

Constant showing and talking by main stream media that abuses famous people`s private live just to sell commercial air time in the main stream media outlets and news papers. Show business people from television to moves to musical performers are degraded by the constant invasion of their private lives to any acts from drinking to sex to drug abuse.

Media takes unfair advantage of the first amendment to trash famous people for just profit these actors actress even music performers politicians all have their private lives constantly in the news. This media blitz attacks against people in the public eye just sells tabloid news in news papers magazines and television.

No matter what field a person is in every person has the right to a private life these people`s sex lives have no business in main stream news its just a load of tabloid news. Freedom of the press is one thing constant abuse by the press by people who work and live in the public eye is abuse of the first amendment.

Covering a story about a famous person is one act trashing a person`s life because their famous is just cheap use of tabloid trash for sale to the public. When reporters sit and make jokes and ridicule people because they have trouble is just degrading a person because their famous.

Publishing pictures of famous people in some sex acts is not news it`s invasion of people life because their and actor or musician or politician is abuse or freedom of media to profit off of a persons private life because their famous. People`s private lives are just that the right to live life out of the public eye without news or camera people chasing you every where you go.

Freedom the press is protected by the first amendment not to abuse or use public news to trash famous people`s lives by invading their daily home life or privacy. News needs to get back to covering more real news and stop this attack of tabloid news to sell air time or new papers.

Media news has become a way to degrade and abuse the famous people who are constantly in the public eye these are acts that sell tabloid news by abusing the first amendment. With all the human indignities going in the real world why are not more media news people covering these stories with as much detail to help people who are left daily without human rights?

With all the real news in the world why would major news media cover the private lives of the famous using more air time that should cover real daily news stories? When news became a corporate business that’s when tabloid news became a major news sell in daily news.

News has become a multi billion dollar business for major corporations this takes away from the world of daily real news to cover the private lives of the worlds famous people. Main stream news has become for sale of tabloid news because the down fall of the rich and famous sells more air time.

Main stream media news gives fancy names to rapist and serial killers who get ten times the news coverage then the victims of these predators. Sports athletes are in the news daily for every wrong act committed daily its just more tabloid news about people of wealth and fame.

When did drugs sex murder even people sex lives become daily real news in the world of mainstream media today? What about all the poor children who are killed daily by street gangs this story should be main stream news to find out why more is not done to slow down the rise in gang violence?

There are so many real daily news stories that could use some of the main stream media`s now growing tabloid news time to help people in the real world get help and answers. Why do perpetrators of crime get more news time then the many victims of these crimes?

The time has come for main stream news to stop giving major time to tabloid stories of the rich and famous and go back to doing real news stories daily. Until news becomes real news again tabloid news will still be for sale in main stream news. News should cover real news not just the lives of the rich and famous. Tabloid news has corrupted the affects of real daily news.