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An article about Michael as a man and a singer.

Michael Jackson’s Death has saddened his many adoring fans, yet how many people really know what the famous singer was like as a person? I remember growing up with his music in the 1980s and watching him perform his famous moon walk on television with little interest at the time. The public can not say how Michael Jackson’s childhood, (or lack of it), denied him a stable adulthood. It appears the young Michael Jackson was used for his voice as he became the family’s lead singer at an early age.

Personally I wasn’t a fan , yet it seems sad that a grown man had to create his own fantasy land in order to have the sort of magical life he was denied as a child. Allegations of miss conduct were rife during the 1990s which he was cleared of after great deliberation by the court. Arguably the allegations tarnished his reputation both as a person, and as a singer which is still debated world wide.  To all intents and purposes he had some success with hits such as Thriller which was popular in the USA, Britain, and Australia. I can not understand why his music was so successful, yet I acknowledge that it must have been as images of people attending his concerts and buying his CDs in  the 80s and early 90s.

In conclusion whatever people may think of Michael Jacksonas a man and a singer, he was arguably deprived of a childhood which influenced his behaviour in later life. He will be missed by his many adoring fans who have remained loyal to him over the years despite all the allegations concerning his behaviour in the early 90s. Michael Jackson’s reputation as a person and a singer might be tarnished yet that is being debated all over the world.