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I do think that illegal immigration is a huge problem in America. so I wrote out a seven point plan to deal with it. You might not like this, but I’m no racist.

Let it be clear that I am no racist. My fiancé is half black. So this is just my opinion on the topic of illegal immigration. I do not just want to deport them because they are from Mexico. If this was happening with Canadians (If Canada was a third world country) I would want to stop it as well. This is my seven point to deal with this important issue;

Right now, there are over thirty million illegal immigrants in America right now. This is my 7 point plan for fixing this problem now and stopping it from ever happening again.

America has this law that says if a woman from another country comes here and has a baby, that the baby will be an American citizen and the mother and father can stay. I would abolish this law. If a woman gave birth here, they would receive medical care and once she and the baby were healthy enough to travel, they would both go home and that would be the end of it.

Secure our border

We need to have a strong and well guarded border. America has many enemies. And I think that an illegal immigrant is one of them. We must have armed troops on the border. At the ocean sides the border should go into the water for three miles. I would call for six thousand new troops on the border. Anyone caught crossing would be deported on demand.

Cracking down on the employers

Within this immigration bill I’d add that any business, big or small was caught hiring an illegal immigrant would be fined $2500 for every illegal immigrant working there. And any future applications must require proof of citizenship or the person cannot be hired whatsoever. Also those who leased homes to illegal immigrants would be fined $1000 per illegal living under them. And their real estate license would be suspended for three months.

Emptying our jails and correctional facilities

Any illegal immigrant in any American correction facility or correctional program like probation would be deported on demand. Period. All of them.

Immediate deportation

Any illegal that’s been here for less than five years will be deported within two weeks. Anyone who’s been here for over five years will have a $2000 fine to pay and they can be put on the path to citizenship if they pass an English test. (An English test would have to be passed for employment as well)

Downsizing welfare

It would be mandatory to be an American citizen to get on any form of welfare. The home country of the illegal would be fined $1500 for every one of their people found on U.S welfare.


It would be mandatory to be an American citizen to be enrolled in any form of educational program.

This would open up millions of new jobs. As well as help pay off the deficit. We would have twenty million plus people off welfare, we would have twenty million plus jobs being filled to where the people actually pay taxes. And we wouldn’t have to pay to keep over four million illegal immigrants in jail any longer.