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They have arrested children. They have captured women and pepper sprayed their faces. Now they are assisting the 1% to bring the huge protest, going on in New York since 17 September, to an end while the mainstream media have been warned not to cover it. Why are the cops of the NYPD acting in this despicable way? Who can the 99% trust?

NYPD Pepper Spray Women Protesters

Watch this video if you need proof that the NYPD rounded women up and held them while a police captain (allegedly Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna) was called and then came to spray the women in the face with mace. Watch to see that there was no need for this violent action and watch to see for yourself that the police involved in this action should be brought to justice, imprisoned and removed from the NYPD. 


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Why do NYPD Cops Act Like Fascist Thugs?

Good question. The NYPD pension fund has been trashed by the actions of Wall Street. It bought into toxic debt like most other pension funds. Those who sold it (represented by Wall Street) knew what they were doing namely: reducing the income of people in their vulnerable old age. All members of the NYPD know that the fund they have been paying into has been devalued and they’ll be lucky to get out what they paid in. Most of them are annoyed to put it mildly. It would then seem that the NYPD would support the OccupyWallStreet protest.

JP Morgan Pay NYPD $4.6 Million

But NYPD have acted like Wall Street Security officers. In the video above Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna (according to Jonathan Moormann) is seen spraying mace into the faces of women who were posing no threat. Could this be his way of thanking JP Morgan for their generous donation? 

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Where is the Mainstream Media?

Given the size of the protest – some estimate that over 2 million protested in New York yesterday (5th October 2011) – we would usually see mainstream media with correspondents stationed to bring live reports and interviews. However, the mainstream media is conspicuous by its absence. 

Who Can We Trust?

We cannot trust the NYPD, we cannot trust the mainstream media and it goes without saying that we can’t trust the bankers and residents of Wall Street.

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