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Obama has done nothing substantial to grow or keep jobs in this country.

Since March when CNBC’s Jim Cramer declared the worst in the stock market may be over, the job numbers have not gotten better. The stock market has gotten better but not the job situation. Companies continue to lay off employees, laid off people continue to not be able to find work, a large sector of the population have settled for part-time work as there is no full time opportunity. And people continue to be out of work long after their benefits stop.

So far the stimulus package has kept some teachers, police and firefighters on the job, but no measurable employment in any other sector. All the talk about Green employment is a huge farce.  The new czar of Green appointed by Obama –has declared they don’t know how to define a green job and have no idea how to create one.

Kentucky has reported as high as 22% unemployment, RI 11%, MA 8.9% with the real numbers being far higher, as those no longer getting benefits are not counted.

Yet Obama reports things are getting better in the job situation, on what planet does Obama live, everyone without a job and no longer on benefits is feeling the pain. Maybe on Martha’s Vineyard the ice cream stands seem full among the countries wealthiest- but how about the rest of the country?

How can you have an end to a recession when jobs are bring eliminated and off-shored everyday by IBM, GE, and every other manufacturer and customer support organizations. Obama is blind to all this and that is exactly why his ratings are falling faster than any other President in history.

The last very large chink in Obama armor is that he cares not to listen to the masses on health care reform, and has made enemies in the populace with his death panels, and government run health care options which change with the wind

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