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From the Washington Post : "An insurgent pro-life movement that is gaining momentum around the country is hoping for its first electoral victory next month, when Mississippi voters will decide whether to designate a fertilized egg as a person and potentially brand its destruction an act of murder."

Let’s be sure we understand the proposition up for a vote in Mississippi; every doctor in the state who performs an abortion and every woman who CHOOSES to have an abortion (even the day after she is aware she is pregnant) will be branded a murderer and will be subject to the same punishment as your friendly neighborhood ax murderer. That punishment should logically be execution or at least life in prison, considering that the charge would have to be ‘the willful and premeditated act of murder of a “person”‘.

That should tell you something about the mentality of the perpetrators of this frontal assault on everyone who chooses not to believe as they do.

Also, please understand that this group that calls itself “Personhood Mississippi” is a “faith based” group that is depending on every priest, preacher, minister and evangelist in the state to get out the vote on election day. Considering that Mississippi is in the heart of the “bible-belt,” the measure has a good chance of passing.


Religion is a wonderful invention; it lifts up believers spirits, gives them rules to live by and through the use of fear and guilt, it hopes to keep them on the prescribed path to their ultimate ‘reward.’

There are, however, unfortunate side-effects.

Anyone who believes they have the ultimate answer to life and are on the path to ‘eternal happiness’ simply MUST share the news with everyone! Nothing wrong with that; everyone, religious or not, loves it when they have what they feel is good news to share. It’s also normal to get upset when people either don’t want to listen to or don’t believe your good news. At that point:

A normal adult will walk away saying “oh well! That’s your misfortune.”

An immature adult may begin arguing with the “nonbeliever” and anything, up to and including violence, may ensue.

A religious zealot, on the other hand, with the ’sure knowledge’ that his or her position is the ONLY correct position, will resort to whatever force is necessary.

Such is the case with the zealots who populate the “Personhood Mississippi Movement.” They are attempting to bring the force of law down on anyone who DARES to believe differently than they do. To them there is no such thing as free choice.

Happily, in the long run, there is not much to worry about. Even if the people of Mississippi vote for this anti-abortion amendment, a higher court is sure to see that their religious fervor has overwhelmed their common sense and vote it down.


Abortion is definitely an ugly procedure but every one of us has the right of ownership of our bodies and therefore the products of our bodies. To  believe that an outside force can exert influence on a woman’s decision to procreate or not procreate is to believe that we are slaves. If, in the context of religion, you believe it is a mortal sin to have an abortion, than you must also believe that it is God who will judge your behavior, not man!

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