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Sponsoring a misleading agenda that would have crippled America should not be rewarded.

Please Mister Gore Return The Nobel Prize Award

Much has been said about the supposed contribution of Al Gore to saving the planet by many young impressionable students as well as the United Nations. Idolized for his part in producing the movie, An Inconvenient Truth, which purports to define how the presence of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere has supposedly raised global temperatures to environmentally threatening levels. For these allegations made by his movie, notice that I mentioned allegations instead of facts, Mister Gore has been awarded the Nobel Prize. I will substantiate for you exactly why he not only does not deserve the award, but why he should return it.

Climatologists are fairly well agreed that global warming over the last 100 years has achieved
somewhere between a .4 to .5 degree increase. Proponents of global warming in searching for the
cause have blamed carbon dioxide levels as being the culprit, and that industrialization by the western world is responsible. Despite disagreements with this data by some of the most imminent climate scientists in the world, this ill conceived notion has been lavishly funded, over dramatized, and politically motivated into becoming a practically fanatical religious movement.

Liberal falsehoods are multifaceted they deal in social justice, redistributing wealth, Affirmative Action, voting fraud, liberal tampering with public school education, and an unmistakable Marxist agenda that has been exhibited by Obama’s administration. It doesn’t stop there. Not only are traditional American values being attacked, but even truth itself seems to have no bearing in the ideology of the liberal rhetoric that has befallen our nation. Al Gore’s outrageous claims of the dire consequences of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere border on the absurd and outlandish. They are lies!

Adolf Hitler in his book Mein Kampf illustrated how he intended to orchestrate a take over of the Germany government as he languished in prison, but many failed to take him seriously. He spoke of The Big Lie, and how he could induce the public to believe in it. “The bigger the lie,” he emphasized, “the more will believe in it.” Hitler unveiled his plans for manipulating the media, controlling education, and manufacturing enemies of the state to use as targets of propaganda. His iron fisted form of gradual take over would feature the destruction of the Reich stag so that it could be attributed to his political enemies. This event seemed to justify his order for martial law, which sealed the fate of Germany so that his henchmen could unleash their terror upon those who opposed them. 

There are currently 30,000 meteorological scientists who are opposed to Al Gore’s faulty assertions of global warming. These scientists have been refused coverage by the major US news media, as a matter of fact General Electric owns both CNN and MSNBC to name a few of their influential media holdings. What is so significant about that you ask? GE was one of the original proponents of carbon credit trading which would pass on huge energy costs to consumers, increase tax revenue for the federal government, and handsomely reward Al Gore who is heavily invested in the green industry.

The originator of the Weather Channel, John Coleman, has offered to publicly debate pro global warming scientists with a consortium of climate experts who are at odds with the unprofessional East Anglia climate data, but Al Gore refuses, saying the debate is over. In congressional hearings, Gore was grilled by representatives, who pointed out factual contradictions to global warming as the return of Greenland’s glaciers to normal levels, the fact that Australian scientists point out that the eastern Antarctic is growing in ice volume, and that the global atmosphere has been in a cooling phase for more than a decade.  John Christy, holding the other half of the Nobel Prize Award, states that the complexity of the earth’s weather and climate make it impossible for mere mortals (climatologists) to predict with any certainty.

The analysis of core samples extracted from the telltale layers of Antarctic ice allow us to go back centuries even to thousands of years of climate temperature. This data clearly shows that carbon dioxide is not a driving force determining global temperatures. It also shows that through out ancient history the earth’s atmosphere has had much higher levels of CO2 then we are now experiencing. A recent satellite study has also established that higher temperatures at ground level would be corroborated with higher Tropospheric readings in the mid upper atmosphere, but the two simply do not correspond. This exhibits a devastating blow to the global warming theory.

In summary, what have we learned. We have seen Al Gore making exaggerated claims of global warming such as sea levels could rise from 7 to 23 feet in a few years and vegetation could be burned off the face of the planet in 10 years if carbon dioxide levels are not reduced. This he says despite the fact that credible studies disprove the data while many climatologists disagree with Mister Gore. Despite a spring that witnessed early formation of ice in the polar regions, discovery of deception and false data at East Anglia, and large numbers of scientists lining up against the global warming theory, Al Gore continues his soliloquy. The fanatics who have chosen to make global warming their religion continue their desperate and angry insistence that carbon dioxide levels must be reduced.

There is big money in pro global warming research, doled out by the IPCC with billions generated by a green industry. Reparations aimed at the US and other industrial nations of the west by the United Nations sponsored litigation benefiting third world nations obviously encourage the cause of global warming. Huge multinational corporations with sizable media holdings can twist the cap and trade legislation coverage into green industry revenues for themselves while selling more and more expensive products that supposedly reduce green house gas emissions. How many of us remember the cheap incandescent bulb, cost effective, reliable, now eclipsed by the new fluorescent  bulb that is 4 times more expensive, but politically correct to buy. On a scale of millions of consumers that spells profits for GE, RIO TINTO, and many other corporations worldwide.

Al Gore, who cast the deciding vote on taxing the meager social security retirement income of seniors, who has unashamedly taken in 100 million dollars in green industry insider profits, and who is currently in the process of buying a 9 million dollar swatch of Pacific real estate in California, is emblematic of the liberal hypocrisy. He urges us to sacrifice our quality of life, to pay more taxes, to tighten our belts, and accept drastically reduced economic future as he and other Democrats line their pockets with obscene profits while doing nothing to alleviate the suffering of beseeched Americans. As people like Al Gore tell us what to do, how to think, and how much we are to give to an irresponsible government so that it can perpetuate further excessive spending we citizens are starving, unemployed, and losing our buying power.

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In reality carbon dioxide is necessary in our atmosphere. It feeds plant life. It is essential in the miracle of photosynthesis. Without it, our crops would never grow. Carbon dioxide is inherent in all facets of normal existence. You find it in decomposing vegetation, you exhale it when you breath, you consume it when you drink a soda, and yet Democratic proponents of climate change in the Obama administration have demonized carbon dioxide as a toxic substance even though it is naturally occurring.

This fact only further illustrates my assertion that liberals want to dispute the truth and change it to suit their dogmatic claims that we should stop consuming diary products due to methane emissions from cattle. They tell us not to raise pets like large dogs as man’s best friend is a liability to the environment too. Liberals who want to control our lives with faulty data to justify their arguments are the modern day Brown Shirts, the Nazis who want to destroy our freedoms, our faith in God, and the American way of life. They feel that they are more qualified to decide what is best for us than we are, or what that definition is according to our Constitution. 

Mister Gore, I ask you, as an American citizen to do the honorable thing and to return your ill gotten Nobel Prize so that someone else more deserving may be honored with it. You, by your actions, have demonstrated opportunism and greed to an unprecedented degree. You would have proudly accepted adoration for your theories as beleaguered Americans suffered under greater taxation, a higher cost of living, and excessive energy costs in order to pay for their utilities. Your lack of concern for your fellow countrymen is unconscionable. Please Mister Gore give back the Nobel Prize. The verdict is in on global warming, and on you and your kind as well, Sir.