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Does the Government decide who can live and who can die? Yes.

  Population Control is not a new concept in modern society, in fact most nations are, or have at one time used a method of population control. However, most Americans would not believe that their government may be involved in the controlled life and death of the citizens. But when a person looks at the facts from an objective approach it is not hard to come to the conclusion, the population is being controlled.

Unlike China and other similar nations, the United States has the most sophisticated forms of population control. This is actually being done through a series of programs that most people know about. But individually they seem harmless or even that they may be in place to help the people. The reality of these programs is the controlled population of the United States.

There are two categories that these programs fall into, domestic and international.

Domestic programs are the ones that are only used within the boarders of the United States and have not lasting effects on other nations.

International programs are those that control the population on global scale.

Click it or Ticket” campaigns that are done by law enforcement. They may seem like a way to keep the public safe. Yet, they are only done at certain times of the year. This is because if everyone wore their seat belts and drove as they should, there would be very few traffic accidents and fatalities would be rare. Thus, if laws like that were enforced all of the time, there would be many more people alive.

This same policy also includes the drinking and driving campaigns. They cannot be enforced at all times, because it would have a negative effect on society. It is a necessity that people die in traffic accidents. That is also the reason that there is not a tax on alcohol as there is on tobacco. When a person gets cancer it takes time for them to die, and that cost money. But if a person gets drunk and dies in a car accident, they die almost instantly.

The failure of the government to allow the import of pharmaceuticals from other nations is designed to prevent the use of affordable medications. Without affordable medications, those who cannot afford them are forced to do without. Thus, resulting in their early deaths. This doesn’t just affect the elderly, there are many children and young adults that rely on medicines everyday that cannot afford them. Twenty caplets of medication, that cost only a couple of dollars to manufacture may cost as much as eighty to one hundred dollars. The same medication would cost only a tenth of that in Canada. However, the America Government does not want to import medication from other nations. If they did so, it would save countless lives and thwart the control that the government has in place.

This necessity is shown by a method known as the birth-death rate. It says that for every birth there must be a death. In order to compete with an ever increasing birth rate, the death rate has to be risen. Being lax on traffic laws is one method to compete with that increase.

In recent years, efforts have been taken to also slow the birth rate. Such projects have even become a part of society to the extent where as they go completely unnoticed.

One of those is abortion. What was once unheard of, has become a routine medical procedure the result of which is the termination of a life before it is born. Though, still a matter of religious debate, it is merely a method to maintain a stable birth-death rate.

The newest of the methods is what was once viewed as a threat to national security, Homosexuality. Many may not agree with that statement, but the active promotion of the homosexual lifestyle is one of the newest forms of population control. The majority of television shows targeting the younger age groups are filled with liberal propaganda designed to promote those actions and ideas as a way of life. Thereby, influencing people to take same sex partners in order to slow the increasing birth rate. That is also why the government is now granting benefits to the partners of homosexuals.

However, that is only the first step in the use of homosexuality to control the population. The next step will be the criminalization of heterosexual marriages. This will be done under the rouse of equality for the homosexual community, but the actual intention will be to destroy the population surplus. Additionally, there will also be a required licensing for reproduction.

Now in the works is the greatest step in mass population control. Government run health care. On the surface, it may seem like the best thing for those who cannot afford insurance. However, those who decline to get coverage under the program will be fined up to a thousand dollars. The actual reason for such a health care system is so that the government with have a better control over who lives and who dies. They will be able to determine who is treated for what and how much of a treatment they will get. This is what could be dubbed as the most effective form of Population Control.

When it comes to international programs there are two that are the most predominant. The first was designed as the solution to the homosexual threat, HIV/AIDS. It was introduced into the population when the government considered homosexuality to be a threat to national security. It was intended to spread through the homosexual community and over time wipe out the threat, and it has spread into a global epidemic.

The second is the one that has been in the news for months. Early this year, as the government realized that the economy was failing, a new project was intended to kill of a large number of people over a period of time thus relieving some of the burden on the economy. Swine Flu has been rated as a pandemic. It alone was not designed to be a major killer, but in conjunction with other factors it will become lethal by weakening the immune system. By the time that the annual flu season arrives, most of the population will have been infected by the H1N1 Virus and they will be highly susceptible to the annual virus. Therefore, raising the annual death toll to unknown amounts.

Methods like these are more effective than even war. But when they are used in conjunction with ongoing wars, the population can greatly be reduced and with that the burden on the economy can be alleviated to some extent. These are not new ideas or policies being used by the government, but generally people don’t see them. Honestly, people don’t want to know how much of their lives are controlled by those in power.