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How are people and neighborhoods affected by gangs.

One of the changes that I would change in our community is gangs. I would change gangs because lots of people are being killed in gangs. Most of the people are teenagers. Some of the people are killed because they rip people off by selling drugs. If people get mad, they tend to kill that person. If I could change something about gangs, I would tell everybody to keep an eye on the block they live on. If everybody did that, there will be fewer gangs. I would go to places and talk to parents of teenagers. I would also tell the parents to watch their children.

The second thing I would change is killing that is going on. I would like to change this because in the past two years, innocent people have been killed. In most cases the husbands kill their wives. All of those people were innocent. They had nothing to do with drug dealing, gangs or killing other people. Other people get killed by car crashes. The only advice I would give is that they should drive in caution. People who drive very fast should not be given a ticket for speeding. Their license should be taken away. Then they should take driving lessons again. I would do this by putting a police man on every main street. Then everybody will drive on the right speed.

If these things are changed, our community will have a big affect. Less people will be killed and less people will choose the wrong path. Our community will have peace. Everybody will be able to go on the street without being scared of strangers. So if people choose the right path, there will be good stuff happening in your life and community.