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My opinion on how U.S. citizens have been treated during recent disasters.

It has now been well over 6 months since the devastating earthquake in Haiti.  And still to this day, we see commercials running on television that feature our First Lady and former Presidents Clinton and Bush asking that we donate money to help with relief in that country. 

What frustrates me more, is the fact that since the devasting recent flooding in Nashville, Tennessee and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, no one has made the first television commercial requesting that we here at home in the United States, help our fellow Americans.  Where are these commercials and where is the help?  The same thing happened right after Hurricane Katrina when New Orleans flooded.  It took our government, state and federal, forever to get aid to people.  Why does this happen?  Is it maybe because governmental officials don’t really know what to do? 

I saw a comment in a local paper recently that stated,”I hope Mr. Obama’s golf score is getting better, because he sure isn’t doing anything to help Louisiana get through this oil spill catastrophe”.  Yes, President Obama has made several trips to Louisiana since the April oil spill.  However, he has not done anything, nor had anyone else do anything that will help our citizens who have lost much due to this tragedy.  Our commercial fishermen have not been able to go to work and earn their normal income for this year because of this mess.  Restaurants are losing business because of the lack of local fresh seafood available.  Vacation spots in south Louisiana have lost tourism dollars because of beaches and fishing spots being closed.  To make matters worse, BP has decided to hire out of state people to assist them with the cleanup instead of hiring locals who actually know the waters around here.

What is also very frustrating is the fact that BP has not claimed responsibility and does not want to pay for any costal cleanup, much less take care of the wildlife that has been terribly affected by this situation.  There is one BP official who has made a commercial stating that he would be here in Louisiana to assist with claims anyone had to make regarding the spill because this is his home.  My question is this – where are all of the other officials who should be here but aren’t?  Instead of these no-show officials being in Louisiana where the tragedy is happening, they are off in England watching yacht races.  How insensitive is that?  The BP officials have no sympathy whatsoever for the people of Louisiana, for what they are going through, or for what we have lost.  It’s like they really don’t care at all and that’s a shame.