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Videogames are now one of the biggest entertainment ways in our society. Do you think that we should ban the violent videogames?

Video games are one of the few industries that are escaping from the world crisis. Many people now can’t practically live without them, spending hours and hours a day playing games like counter strike or halo 3.

In the last few years, the benefits and adverse effects have been several discussed. There are people that say that there is no problem, because video games are just a good entertainment way, and it can be good for developing our mind skills. However, there are some bad things, like loneliness, but the most discussed thing is no doubt, the violence on the video games.

It is believed that some of the most terrible murders that happened in the last few years occurred because of video games, so in many countries, the governments are trying to ban them. Grand Theft Auto, most known as GTA, is one of the most discussed games, because of it’s violent content.

I don’t think that the video games should be banned, because behind of that  “horrible violence” like people say,there are months and months of work. Instead of try to ban the games, I think that it should be restricted the access to them, when people are under age to playing it. The restrict methods that actually exists, at least at my country, practically don’t work, because anyone can buy a +18 video game, even if is under age. The biggest problem is that we didn’t get yet an effective way to avoid kids playing violent games.