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Fast food giant threatens to drop healthcare plan due to Obamacare mandates.

For 30,000 McDonalds employees, Obamacare may just cost them their  health care plan.  According to industry insiders, McDonalds has requested a waiver from the federal government due to concerns the mandates contained within Obamacare would prove far too costly to the company.  To date, federal regulators have not responded to McDonald’s request.

McDonalds offers what is known in the industry as a mini-med plan, a low cost limited coverage plan that allows lower wage workers the ability to access healthcare coverage.  Under Obamacare, the costs of such plans would skyrocket, eliminating their viability and placing such workers at great risk of losing their coverage altogether.  It is a scenario that was warned of during the healthcare overhaul debate, but largely ignored by Democrats determined to pass a bill that many in Congress later admitted to not actually reading.

The same high cost issue now hitting McDonalds has also already begun to be felt across college campuses throughout America.  College students were afforded access to these same mini-med plans, which many insurance carriers are now considering no longer offering due to the increased mandate costs due to Obamacare. 

Insurance experts now warn that by 2014, all insurance companies will likely be forced eliminate all mini-med low cost plans because they will not meet the coverage mandates associated with Obamacare.  Such a scenario will leave millions of Americans who now enjoy such coverage joining the masses of the uninsured.