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There are numbers of sea beaches in this world. Some of them are most attractive, some of them are small and some of them are very long. Here are 10 longest bridges among the world which may be very familiar to any of us.

Brazil: Praia Do Cassino Beach

This is the longest bridge among the world. The length of this beach is 150 miles. This beach has white sand with warm temperature.

Bangladesh: Cox’s Bazar

This beach is also 150 miles long but it is famous as the longest natural sand beach. There are three different attractive spots in this beach. These are “Laboni Beach” which is very nearer to town, “Humchari Beach” which is famous for its waterfalls and the last one is “Inani Beach” which is very popular for sun bath.

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Texas: Padre Island

This beach is famous as the longest drivable beach among the world. It has the length of 130 miles. This beach has two different sides. North side belongs to the party spot and the south side belongs to the natural seashore.

Australia: Ninety Mile Beach

This beach is not good for swimming and surfing. But it is indeed very popular for the tourists who love the natural beauty and want to take photographs. The beach is 90 miles long.

New Zealand: Ninety Mile Beach

Though the name of the beach is “Ninety Mile Beach”, but it has the length of around 88 miles. The sand dunes seem to be a desert land which looks very interesting to the tourists.

Mexico: Playa Novillero

This beach is around 50 miles long. The beach is very clean and it is very good for them who like to study the water instead of swimming and surfing. There are some old churches and an art museum close to this beach.

Virginia: Virginia Beach

This beach has placed its name in the “Guinness Book of World Records” as the “longest pleasure beach” in the world. The length of this beach is around 35 miles.

Washington: Long Beach

It is the longest beach in the west coast of United States. It is around 30 miles long.

Australia: Stockton Beach

It is one of the widest and long beaches among the world. The beach is around 20 miles long. It has the largest moving sand dunes among the world. After riding quads and going to sand dunes, someone can hit the water with its surfboard.

Africa: Muizenberg

The beach is very popular to rock climbers as the beach is rocky. The length of this beach is more than 12 miles. The beach is very charming and it is locating in an African small beach town.