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While Obama fights anti democratic traitor Republicans to pass his Jobs Bill the OccupyWallStreet Protesters have their own ideas as to how to save America, Greece, Italy, Britain and every other nation which has been brought to its knees by greedy bankers.

Greek Bankers Remain Rich

Greece was able to borrow $200 billion at cheap rates and with insufficient collateral. The money entered Greece via its banks. Since then $100 billion has literally disappeared in bad schemes, investments and (of course) bonuses and commissions for the bankers who set up the deals. However, the other $100 billion was kept by the banks. Now, instead of the banks giving it back the Greek people are ordered to live in austerity and pay for the massive, at least in some instances criminal, mistakes and negligence.

Rich Bankers Elsewhere

Greece is possibly the most hard hit nation in this Credit Crunch aftermath but others have their own problems to deal with. The Italians for example have to counter an increase in organised criminal activity. The British, with a government who do no have a clue what and how to deal with the situation other than feather their own nests, wait to follow America’s example but America is fighting with its hand tied firmly behind its back by the anti-democratic traitors in the Republican Party. The Republican traitors are the reason why the only solution to America’s socio-economic problems which is ready to be implemented (Obama’s Jobs Bill) is still being scuppered.  

Image by Manu_H via Flickr

How to Beat the Bankers and Make Them Pay it Back

But, even if the Republicans were to stop being traitors and to start undertaking their democratic duty to work with the elected government of Barack Hussein Obama, the banks and the bankers would still be let of the hook and (as in the case of Greece above and every other nation involved in this economic catastrophe) be able to keep the money they made from arranging the nation-destroying schemes and “investments” and the money they held onto plus the money they have kept hold of from various government bail outs of the banks.

The OccupyWallStreet protesters know that the banks got bailed out while we (who like the rest of the 99% are expected to pay for the banks mistakes and replace the money they have stolen) got sold out.

Officially the banks are not the rulers of this world or any country in it. Elected governments are, in theory, elected to care for and do the bidding of their electorates. It seems that we (the 99% and the electorates) want our governments to take action against the banks and retrieve all the money they have stolen, taken, kept and skimmed off the rest of us. With this money we want them to put everything right. Then we want them to sort out the mess so it never happens again and we want to claim the future of our children back.

Follow the events from New York live on the livestream from the OccupyWallStreet movement CLICK HERE!