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The revolution has begun. With grass roots resistance groups forming across America, the Elite are starting to notice.

When I first heard the term “The Second American Revolution”, I thought it was the name of a science fiction movie.  But I was soon to discover the growing underclass of Americans who are forming small networks to fight back against the corporate fascism that has enveloped the US since 9/11.

I also discovered that this has nothing to do with armed mobs taking to the streets.  This revolution is a modern one.  Like Tunisia. The method is by stealth.  And the weapons are information and money.

Benjamin Franklin once said,

“Those who would trade in their freedom for their protection deserve neither. Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserve liberty nor security”

He would undoubtedly reel in absolute disgust at modern day America.

We live in a country, where the Masters of Business have also become the Slave Masters of the Land.  And the freedoms that were so hard for our ancestors to win, have been thrown away by their lazy, ignorant and fearful descendants, who would make no effort in life, and take no responsibility.  Instead, feasting on the superficial and vain.

But not everybody is willing to give up without a fight.

And that is where the resistance comes in.  Just like their brave French counterparts 70 years before, and the founding fathers 200 years before that, they are quietly organizing and using information and knowledge to fight back.  They know they are heavily outnumbered and out gunned by the storm troopers of the global elite. But that has not stopped them disseminating information, and exposing the lies of the countries rulers.

From sights like through to, a small percentage of people have had enough and are trying to collapse the fascist regime from the inside.  Destroying it by exposing it’s hideous corruption and inhumanity.  And in some ways, they are succeeding. 

Video’s exposing the historical truth of the Federal Reserve System are going online faster than You Tube can block them, and comments are appearing so often on main stream news sites, that many have taken to filtering every comment before allowing them to appear.  Clearly exposing the level of censorship.  And that censorship is growing less effective.

The recent V campaign  organized by is a good example.  

Not a single state has escaped this sign of the resistance popping up here and there.  Posters have appeared on walls, flyers in the streets.  Some of the braver people have even had it printed on T-shirts.  

With messages of freedom and support for the constitution printed on them, they encourage others to expose corruption and stand up to what the revolutionaries perceive as a direct threat to the United States.  And all the policing in America (and indeed, the world) has been unable to stop it. Making a number of governments and crime syndicates in the banking industry, very, very nervous.

And this is just the latest in a growing series of peaceful actions by a people who want their country (and their world) back.

Many people may not have noticed.  But the revolution has begun.

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