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A short rationale of Obama’s election victory.

Apart from being a signal end to the old American prejudice in electing a black president it also signifies the supremacy of a true democracy, where the need for change is exemplified over the old establishment and its influence.

People recognized the need for a change and the need to put down all that was wrong with their society. What was really wrong with the country was the predominance of a too wealthy class and their influence over national affairs. Everything was done to suit them and the needs of the country given second place. Besides, the country was engaged in a costly war that was draining the economy of all its surplus wealth and placing the citizens in an almost perpetual debt.

In response, the establishment went the traditional way of all engorged establishments.  They warned of extremism, expounded their experience, their ability in international politics and the need to keep on course. When that appeared not to be working as well as they thought it might they brought in an attractive woman who could impress.  All of the strategy of an incompetant establishment in the full glory of their traditional methods of survival.

When the people rejected this to put aside their prejudice and elect a young and progressive leader with new ideas they proved that their country still has what it takes to survive and lead.

The ability to face the reality of their lives and provide for their country what it really needs.

We look forward now to an equally exemplary performance and an end to the liabilities that were built up over years of self-indulgence.