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What is Walmart really up to.

Walmart is one of the biggest supermarket chains in the world.As of August 31, 2008, Walmart has as many as 100 food categories:

United States 4,227 total units.

Discount Stores (914)

Super-Centers (2,576)

Sam’s Club (594)

Neighborhood Markets (143)

International 3,210 total units

Argentina (24)

Brazil (320)

Canada (309)

China (Wal-Mart 108; Trust-Mart 100

Costa Rica (156)

Guatemala (149)

Honduras (48)

Japan (392)

Mexico (1,081)

Nicaragua (47)

Puerto Rico (55)

El Salvador (74)

United Kingdom (347)

This is a time where families needs to make every penny count, Walmart expansion of it’s Great Value brand is replacing many of the name brands, we have used for so many years.  The new improved Great Value products — which has been appearing on shelves and various sections of the store, is slowly  being integrated into Walmart stores across the country, within the past few months – will provide families with affordable and possible high quality groceries.  This is some sales jargon that Walmart has come up with, but what is really going on?  Walmart is the company, that is famous for their roll-back slogan, and now it would seem that they are also trying to monopolize the food industry.  I am all for savings, but I prefer quality products and good taste.  I grew up with many of the brand names and it is what I am accustomed to.  There are a few thing that I could settle for, that is not name brand, but when I was shopping during the Thanksgiving holiday,  I was looking for McCormick’s vanilla, this is the only brand that I use to make my pies. I discovered that Walmart had completely removed McCormick’s brand and replaced it with their own brand Great Value.  I rely on McCormick’s products to prepare many of my meals.  I tried using substitutes, but there is no comparison to McCormick’s Seasonings.  I have never shopped anywhere other than Walmart, because I was comfortable and they basically provided most of my needs.  It would now see that I am being forces to shop somewhere else. Walmart no longer stock  all the brand names that I desire.  Since Walmart is trying to completelyeliminate the middle-man, what type of effect will this have on many of the distributors and will this also have a spiraling effect on the economy as well?  Since so many distributors rely on Walmart’s business, will they not suffer and be forced to downsize?  I can’t help but wonder is this really going to benefits the consumers or hurt us even more?