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This is in relation to a news story that happened on Christmas Eve.

I read the story about Bruce Pardo in Covino, Ca. Here is a link to one of the articles: here.

This story is so sad. His former in-laws were having a Christmas Party on Christmas Eve. An eight year old girl answers the door. Santa is standing there, only it wasn’t Santa. It was a man with a gun. He took out the gun and shot her in the face. Thankfully, she survived, and is now home to my understanding.

He shot his victims, then set the house on fire using racing fuel. The news said that the Santa suit he was wearing melted to his body. They are saying that nine people lost their lives that night. They are still waiting for the DNA, because they were burnt beyond recognition.

Santa is supposed to be a nice person, not a killer. Bruce Pardo took advantage of the naivety of the little girl he shot in the face. People in the neighborhood had dressed up like Santa before. How was she supposed to know the man was a killer? He used Santa to get access inside the house. I saw the man’s picture on television. He didn’t look like a killer to me.

After he set the fire to the house, he leaves, goes to his brother’s house, and commits suicide. Police are saying that he had planned this for six months. He had a rental car that was found close to his ex-wife’s attorney’s’ car. The car that was at his brother’s house was booby trapped.

I feel so bad for the family and the residents of that neighborhood. I understand they are taking up funds for the family. The article that I linked to has an address if anyone would like to donate.