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You create the Fear.

Image by Seattle Municipal Archives via Flickr

How we going to pay for it? Will it effect my heath program now? All good questions to ask but most whites act like they are complete uneducated about health care in general. Just like property taxes that keep rising. You ask why?

Just like medical care is a health care program  paid by the state system there’s a good chance complete reasonable health care will also be contributed to the state system. Anything that we receive comes from the State, the City, and federal government.

Even most unions must agree that the health, medical assistance that they have came from bargaining. And those so call middle class folks living by what they thought was reasonable living is finding out what the poor already knew from the beginning.

As much as we like less government in our life it’s the government that control our lives. Will now, will forever and that’s a given we can’t use the system when it’s appropriate, then complain on the next hand about it.

And it’s not the minority class crying foul. It’s the white class crying about the system. A good proverb to use would be like a old saying. If someone gave you a letter and you can read, but refuse to at that time and then find out later, it was something good or bad. Who fault would it be?

Research, learn, then contemplate all your options. The medical profession that are big business are not going to be honest with the truth. Enron as a business wasn’t honest with their investors and their auditors was corrupted too. And we see a medical problem every day.

And it looks like the educated people with more money are at the protest rallies. Maybe they not as educated as we think they should be. We need to change the medical system somehow, someway. A hospital for the poor is mainly a hospital supported by city government the best way the city knows how and they deal with all kinds, rich or poor on the assigned budget they are given. While the rich hospitals seems to be research centers or children hospitals. Where they are trying to find a cure in a medical condition?

Just like Obama program supposed to the nation. Least he’s trying for a solving of the health problems. While the other politicians and others are talking trash. We keep confusion going when we don’t have a plan to fix the problem. But they are mainly Republicans, who supported the war. And then ran when it became unpopular in their city. Death always change people impression.