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Our White House Insider delivers another emailed update indicating the Clintons are still giving strong consideration to 2012, continued conflicts between Obama and Pelosi, and coming-soon revelations about a "serious" White House scandal.

Author’s Note: This email was received from our White House Insider over the weekend.  Originally we had intended a more complete face to face interview but a scheduling conflict required that meeting be rescheduled.  The identities of non-material 3rd parties have been excluded:


Sorry for having to cancel our face to face.  I accepted advisory position with the -name withheld- campaign.  Got a ton of work to do as time is short but nice to be “back in it.”  Getting timely information from sources in WH  increasingly difficult.  Have not seen a situation where things were so tight as this current WH.  Staff fear levels very high.  Abnormally so.  I caution you on your own attempts.  Be very careful.   Something beyond just the election cycle and loss of House going on now.  Received reliable word that a “serious” scandal is being navigated by WH officials right now.  At present unable to get clarification. Source is scared.  I am not comfortable pushing so hard as to possibly endanger them.  Attempting follow up on information with another source.  Will contact you with that information when it becomes available.  This sounds very serious though, and WH is cracking down on containment hard. Very hard.  NYT is said to know something.  Keep eyes n ears open as it appears, based on what I have so far, this will start to break open sooner than later. Developing.

Continue watching Pelosi as well.  Democrats in House pushing her out regardless of election outcome. She is fighting back.  Has some support within Party while other Democrats getting support from WH.  -Name withheld- and others attempting to keep Party together despite eventual outcome, which is Pelosi is done as Speaker.  Confirmed again. Pelosi is done. Two key House leaders agreed with WH to support move.  She no longer has the numbers to protect herself.  Heard from source within Pelosi office that Speaker considering retirement from House with PR campaign against Obama to follow.  Developing.

Lastly, told HC turned down VP offer from WH. ”Thanks but no thanks.”  MO infuriated with refusal from HC, though MO did not want Clinton as VP regardless. Feels Clintons do not respect them and cannot be trusted. HC still considering run in 2012.  BC pushing hard with donors to support 2012 HC campaign and getting positive response.  Believe HC to reveal more intent shortly after midterms. Developing.

Really will try to talk in person soon.  Again – be careful.  The current climate has become much more serious. I mean it. STAY ALERT. BE CAREFUL. WATCH YOUR BACK.


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