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In a somewhat brief and cryptic email message, the D.C. Insider states Bill Clinton tipped his hat this past week in a nationally broadcast interview.

Author’s Note:  Since completing Part Three of the White House Insider series, little communication has come from the individual responsible for the information surrounding those articles.  So little communication in fact, I began to worry for their well being.  Thankfully, I received a brief email message recently indicating they were in fact well, and offering up this information for my readers. I am uncertain as to where they are attempting to point me, and now hoping some of you can share some of your own plausible responses, as the Insider has yet to respond to my requests for further clarification.  Here are portions of that email, printed with the permission of its originator, with some names withheld per their request.

B. Clinton gave major indicator over weekend news as to what they are trying to pull off.  It was a message to the possible donors “We are giving it serious consideration.”  Surprised he did it so openly, but maybe they are that confident or feel no better time will present itself.  Forwarded my thoughts to -name withheld- who agrees with observation.  States WH made note of it too and are not pleased. -Name withheld- in particular thinks BC and HC are coming for them – the Clintons are going for it.  WH divided as there are a number of them from the Clinton adm. Suspicions at all time high. -Name withheld- on way out. Should be announced soon.  Did you catch the Pelosi news? Told you it was going down.  More to come as well – much more. Had breakfast with -name withheld- yesterday.  He stated she was “D.C. toast”.  No way she retains Speaker pos.  Party already planning to push her out if need be. Glad to hear. Very glad.  WH helping with that by the way.  -Name withheld- personally confirmed that fact. Good luck.

Ok readers, I need a bit of help here.  While I am very thankful for the information pertaining to House Speaker Pelosi, and in finding that earlier information to be proven accurate following our publishing of Part Three of the Insider series, I am at a loss regarding the “major indicator” given by Bill Clinton this past weekend.  While Clinton has given a number of interviews recently, which does make it appear as if something may be up regarding the now legendary Clinton political machine, I am unable to determine with any certainty what he said that would indicate they (the Clintons) are “going for it”.  The Insider has gone quiet again, so if we are to pull ahead of this potentially developing story, I will need your help.  Please leave suggestions in the comments section of this article and I promise you I will review them regularly – please help me with what I am missing in regards to the Insider’s indications.  In the interim, I will continue to investigate the information contained in this most recent Insider email, and if I am able to come up with an acceptable conclusion, rest assured it will be published post haste.

AUTHOR’S UPDATE:  The email for this article came to us approximately 72 hours ago.  Publication took place on the morning of September 21st.  Within hours of publication of this Insider report, senior White House economic advisor Larry Summers announced his intention to leave the Obama White House.  Summers is the most high level departure from the White House to date – a member of the West Wing team.  He is also a former member of the Clinton White House.  This departure appears to further emphasize the legitimacy of the Insider, who within the context of the email published above, indicated just such a departure: 

-Name withheld- on way out. Should be announced soon.



Coming Soon – Serious White House Scandal