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Who Is The Big Bad Wolf?
The budget discussions continue to be centered around the American public not understanding what problems the American economy is in and or how to fix it. According to the GOP the American people do not understand and continue to be in the dark about the deficit and how to fix it. In the last election the GOP ran candidates on increased job development and won a majority of seats.However, what has actually occurred instead of Republicans jumping in and offering solutions to the problems that we the American public face. They have created an agenda to cut the budget by 100 billion dollars. The spending plan created by the GOP is said to be a burner that will cost the American public 700,000 jobs through 2012. What is clear is that the dispute is where the jobs are created. They have argued that tax breaks are needed to encourage small business owners to invest in the economy through they abilities to  hire people. This is why the tax breaks were so important to the GOP the owners of small businesses could not to them be asked to invest without a tax break. If their plan has ever worked when and where have they made references to it. The GOP has also spun a web within the labor force by attempting to destroy collective bargaining in an attack on public employees. They have argued that this is their best attempt at balancing the budgets. In Michigan the governor a Republican wants to cut spending in pubic education and allow the appointed financial managers of cities that fail to maintain fiscally sound budgets to scrape collective bargaining for public school employees if needed. It is unacceptable for Republicans to continue the argument that they want to be the solution. It is unclear even if they know what the solution might be. While one city in Michigan has recently sent home pink slips to their entire fire department. Other cities are braced for what this will mean for their school districts and are unsure about the shifts to come in their schools and what it will mean for the police departments as well. It is unclear what the people of Michigan have asked for because Governor Synder wants to tax pensions of seniors and cut the tax breaks for the low income. It is estimated that the GOP budget cuts will reduce economic growth by 0.5 percent this year and an additional 0.2 percent next year. The GOP wanted to create jobs. What type of jobs would they develop economic recovery upon? Where is their army of business personnel that is willing to invest? What type of job growth do they expect in the first quarter? How will they develop a sustained period of economic growth?Boehner  house speaker has suggested that the American government must stop the wasteful spending. McCarthy, Republican of California, ” Free business to invest that cash would produce,”stronger stimulus.” In addition Mark Kirk,” The American people must change the way we budget, spend, tax, and regulate business. While the GOP has hit public employees with a no confidence vote by cutting them out of the budget. It still is unclear the scope of growth they will be able to create giving massive tax breaks to small businesses only. Who is the big bad wolf?Maybe the GOP will answer that question before the house is blown down. The attack on public employees goes beyond agenda politics it is plan and simple union busting. It is back door politics purely developed to fight the opponents base support systems. It again is disappointing and contentious to say the least.