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They say now that North Korea is a direct threat to the U.S. this is about my thoughts on the matter.

        They said on the news yesterday that North Korea is a direct threat to the United States. And I agree with that statement. But what I am unable to figure out is what took our gov. so long to figure that out? I understand the U.S has to be careful with the North Korea issue cause it’s like walking on thin ice as far as the North Koreans are concerned.

     I like many other Americans, am tired of being at war. It seems to me that’s all we hear about anymore. And it’s not the people on either side of the line that want a war. However it seems our governments do,and we, the people have the honor of standing in the middle of something we want no part of.

    Why can’t the two presidents meet someplace and just beat the hell out of each other and settle it that way? It seems to me that’s the best way. Its them with the problem. I guess though, that will never happen cause it’s to simple. From the government point of view, why should I dirty my hands when I have a army that will do it for me?

    I’m wrong on some things, but right on some things as well. I know that I sometimes have a different way of thinking then most people do. But I know you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. But should try to find some way of making some kind of peace. If that doesn’t work simply stay out of each others way. It works here like that when two men on the street can’t get along.

      It seems to me it would be better for two men to fight it out then a whole country. Of course I also would like to think I understand and would be happy to fight if I felt I was in the right, believed what I’m fighting for is right. But there is no right in war, as well as no wrong. Its if we understand the reason for the war.

     We couldn’t win the first time over there ( Vietnam) and although our military has came along way since then. Are we really ready to tackle such a country again? I know myself I’m not ready to find out. I really and truly hope we don’t have to find out. If a war was to break out between our two countries, I think it will turn into a world war. The war nobody wants.

    Now on the flip side of the coin ( so to speak ) I am a firm believer in standing up for ourselves, if we don’t stand up for ourselves nobody else will either. So even though I feel for now we shouldn’t go to war, we need to stand up for what we believe. Just cause I don’t think war is the answer, doesn’t mean I’m afraid of it. Cause the truth is it will happen, I don’t know where, when, why, or even what going to be the cause of it, but one day it will happen.

  This is just my thoughts on the matter. Nothing more, nothing less.

                                         GOD BLESS THE U.S.A. and EVERYBODY ELSE