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I am just an ordinary man and an average bigot. Some matters intrigue me but only those I was born believing. Living the life of a bigot can be difficult at times but, thanks to Michelle Obama, things should be changing any minute now. Read about the Michelle Obama affair right here!

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A Bigot Meets Michelle Obama

I am a bigot and proud of it. My religion, my creed, my culture and my politics are to be tolerated but the religions, creeds, cultures and politics of others are to be ignored, smashed and annihilated. That’s the way of bigots everywhere and as long as they are in agreement with me we’ll get along just fine.

Imagine how my blood boiled when I met the wife of the 44th President of the United States of America. In my mind before that fateful meeting, like the typical bigotted man I am, I knew that I wasn’t going to like Mrs Michelle Obama. Let’s face it she wasn’t from my part of the world and until the last generation none of our families had even inhabited the same continent. Let’s face it too, Michelle Obama was the opposite of a WASP man (a white Anglo Saxon Protestant man) she was a BAB woman (a black American Baptist) woman. Because of our differences I decided before I met her that I would always detest her.

Ulsterman Falls in Love

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Our eyes met across the crowded room. This tall elegant woman glided gracefully towards me. Most tall women don’t even notice me, as for a man I am extremely short, but Michelle Obama saw me. She stooped down and said

“Welcome to the White House”

Then the strangest thing happened to me. Michelle Obama’s kind words changed my life. I was no longer a bigot! I saw that different can be beautiful and did not need to be destroyed and despised until it dies. I saw that it takes all sorts to make a world live in harmony – that’s all sorts giving and not just one sort taking. I saw that if I wanted true happiness it would demand that I change. I fell in love, there and then, with Mrs Michelle Obama.

An Ulsterman Regrets

Later on that day I discovered that Michelle Obama was not actually talking to me. She had bent down to talk to some children who were stood behind me. I still love her and I still live in hope. I am no longer a bigot and, although most of my friends have disowned me, I am now in the process of change. 

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