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Berlin, and London and Washington,

Berlin, and London and Washington, received information fromMuammar Qadhafi’s intelligence, but has not participated in joint actions with the Libyan regime, writes the German weekly Bild amSontag.

“It’s primarily about fighting terrorism-related information relating tosecurity interests of Germany,” Bernd Schmidbauer told thepublication, responsible for coordinating the German intelligence services in the Chancellery, from 1991 until 1998.

“Libyan intelligence had access to sources from which the serviceswere not German. With this information, we could defend ourselvesagainst terrorist threats,” said Bernd Schmidbauer.

But he firmly denied that the Berlin cooperate more closely withLibyan services. ”We exceeded this threshold,” he said.

According to documents found in Libya, the Americans and Britishhave cooperated closely in the 2000s, Libyan intelligence services,U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) going to Qadhafi’s regime to deliver prisoners for interrogation.

The current German government refused to say whether this cooperation has continued in recent years.

“As always in secret information, no comment,” said a spokesmanof the Government.