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Donald Trump is playing a cat and mouse game with American politics and like most fringe element candidates, he’s hell bent on driving a wedge into the heart of our country. He was liberal before being conservative; He was for abortion before being against abortion. He claims to be a self made billionaire, yet his companies have filed multiple bankruptcies. Quite frankly, Donald Trump is the ultimate con artist.

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Like the barker on a midway or a ring leader in the circus, Mr. Trump is the consummate braggart and self promoter. His alleged accomplishments are filled with more holes than my screen door. To say Donald is a breath of fresh air would be the same as drinking from the Koch Brothers polluted waters. The man reeks of arrogance, as if his alter ego is Charlie Sheen. His depth and scope of the United States and the world runs about as deep as Sarah Palin’s. Mr. Trump is pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes, much the same as his famous hair comb over.

Speaking before a Tea Party rally in Florida Trump stated, in part, that President Obama is living in a world of make-believe and even the fact that he became president is make believe. He went on to chastise President Obama for the deficit troubles that plague our country. Hear ye, hear ye….Donald Trump’s enterprises have filed for bankruptcy FOUR (4) times! It is obvious he is educated in economics, simply look at the number of occasions his corporations have filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection.

First is the 1991 $3.5 BILLION dollar debt that went unpaid for Trump’s Taj Mahal. The bankruptcy gave investors half ownership of the Taj Mahal.

Secondly, less than a year after the Taj Mahal debacle Trump Plaza Hotel was on the verge of collapse when he filed for bankruptcy again and this time he gave up 49% of his interest to the bank and other lenders.

The third bankruptcy and restructuring of Trump’s debt occurred in 2004 at which point Mr. Economic Guru reduced his interest in Trump Hotels & Resorts to 27%.

Finally, just 2 short years ago….drum roll please….facing $500 MILLION dollars in debt, and a debt ratio of ONLY $50 MILLION dollars in assets, Donnie Boy had to file yet again for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection.

In an interview on Good Morning America, Mr. Trump continued the charades of flip flopping all over the place. He was for abortion before he was against it. Donald at one point wanted to raise taxes on the wealthy and now he doesn’t. At another time in the life of the con artist he was for universal health care, before he was against it. Even in his book, “The America We Deserve” Trump classified himself as a “liberal.”

So outraged by Donald Trump’s metamorphosis, the extremely conservative group “Club For Growth”  issued a strongly worded press release stating that Trump is NOT a conservative and rather they believe he is a liberal. Karl Rove also chimed in that the Republican Party would not endorse Trump.

I think it is becoming more obvious as time goes by that Donald Trump is hawking his wares to sell his TV show and feed his immense ego. The Conservatives, nor the Republicans will legitimize his presidential candidacy, so before the race gets off the ground, “Donald Trump, you are FIRED!”

Written By: Dennis L. Page

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