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Lagarde Takes over the IMF while Dominique Strauss faces a new case of sexual assault. It looks like this man has raped so many women who might all come out one by one very soon.

Ms Christine Lagarde today started her work as the new Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund for a period of five years. Ms. Lagarde becomes the 11th Managing Director of the IMF, succeeding Mr. Dominique Strauss-Kahn who resigned as the IMF MD on May 18 2011 following a sex scandal that became a court matter.Ms Lagarde, 55 is also the very first ever woman to hold the top most job at the world Institution

Before taking over the leadership of this prestigeous position, Ms Largade had been the former Minister of Economic Affairs, Finances and Industry of France. Before then, she was France’s Minister of Agriculture and Fishing and Minister of Trade in the government Mr Dominique Villepin. She definitely has a rich CV and by all intents and purposes, a well deserved Managing Director of IMF.

Is IMF in A Secret Pact With France?

It only looks odd to me, that her predecessor, Dominique Strauss Khan who is currently being dogged by sex scandal allegations was also a Frenchman! I love the fact that it is a woman this time in charge, yet what I don’t understand however,  is whether the IMF is in a secret pact with France to supply manpower for the top most Job for the Organization! Out of the 11 Managing Directors of the IMF, it is rather surprising that 5 have been French nationals! Whatever we observers may be saying, Ms Lagarde has already been appointed and she will be the IMF Managing Director for a period of five years commencing on July 5, 2011.

Another case of Rape emerges against Dominique Khan

When all seemed so well for Dominique Strauss on the legal front against his criminal proceedings in the rape case, a new and a completely surprising twist has emerged which will most likely add to the woes of the embattled former IMF Boss. A woman has come up with fresh allegations that Dominique Strauss attempted to rape her in 2003  in France. Tristane Banon, a friend of Strauss-Kahn’s daughter and a goddaughter of his second wife, is filing fresh complaints of attempted rape against Dominique Khan.

Although his lawyers want to use the collapse of the New York case to discredit this new accusations by Banon, many believe that much as the New York Hotel maid failed the test of corroboration, Banon also needs to be subjected to he same test to prove her allegations.

Banon says  that in February 2003, when she was 23, she interviewed Strauss-Kahn for a book. Afterwards, he phoned her and asked her to meet him at a Paris address for a follow-up interview. The address turned out to be an apartment. There, he touched her and became increasingly physical, a move which she strongly resisted and they ended up with slaps-she even admits to giving him a professional kick to defend her decency. But in the scuffle that ensued, Dominique Strauss Khan managed to undo her bra and almost undid her jeans. This case is up in the courts and Dominique Khan still has alot of legal battles to fight. I pity his very lovely wife in the amidst of all these.

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