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For your news at noon for June 26th 2011, we are sad to report of a death in the French Alps. The African Union’s attempts to reach a peaceful resolution in Libya reaches a snag. Afghanistan War a decade later and the great sacrifices made in an attempt to defeat the unbeatable. Vietnam and China try to hash out differences and Indonesia is rocked by an Earthquake. This is your news at Noon for June 26th 2011.

It is rapidly approaching Lunch time in many areas. Therefore it is time for your news at Noon, for Sunday June 26th 2011.

Six Climbers Found Dead in the French Alps: A rather tragic event for some mountain climbers in the French Alps, as they were found dead. At this point, the exact cause of death is unclear but an avalanche or a broken snow bridge is highly suspected. The climbers were found approximately 8,858 feet in the air or 2,700 meters. The bodies were found on early Saturday morning but there is no telling when these mountain climbers in the French Alps perished. Six perished in all in the French Alps.

Gadhafi wants no part of peace talks: The African Union wants to try and gain some for of peace in Libya. However, Moammar Gadhafi wants no part of these peace talks, even though he is very welcomed. The lack of involvement or cooperation from Gadhafi could potentially be a barrier for the African Union’s attempts at peace.

Nearly a Decade in Afghanistan With a Huge Death Statistics and No Clear Answers of Who Won if Anyone: Going on nearly a decade with the United States troops in Afghanistan, there are a lot of people who wonder if this was really worth it, if there are any winners, if there could be any real winners. The war on terrorism continues and it is a battle against an enemy that might not be beat. Like the mythical hydra, when you cut off one head, two more grow. The over 1,522 American Troops that have died is a crushing dose of reality for the price of this war in many ways.

Vietnam and China Sit Down over Sea Dispute: Recently problems between China and Vietnam over the South China Sea will try and be resolved, but there are still many tensions. Many Vietnamese Citizens believe that China is infringing on its privacy, given a rare protest in the hard line communist nation. The Chinese at first maintained that they were within their rights, but they are slowly softening and backing down over the issue.

Earthquake Rocks Indonesia: In another disaster for this year, Indonesia’s Papua province as affected by an earthquake. There is only one small consolation is right now, there are no casualties or any visual damages. Given the natural disasters that have rocked the world and the damage, Indonesia might have been one of the lucky one’s. It is unclear that if there is undiscovered damage or if any more problems with strike.

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