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Partly cloudy with a large chance of doom…

This not something I expected to see Keith Olbermann report. I’m not a fan of his, at all, but I’m glad to see some truth coming out, regardless of the mouth piece. These guys are talking about things I’ve been wondering about for a few weeks. I agree with the idea that BP cannot force this well closed or make it stop for fear of it backing up and blowing up or blowing through another of the leak areas.

What I also find HIGHLY interesting is that they are using words like blowout, subsurface failure, underground blowout, subsurface blowout in the same sentence as doomsday scenario. Something is seriously wrong down there and they are warming us up. I have felt for a few weeks that the sea floor stability and therefore, fault line stability in the area should be our top concern and priority. I think they are getting us ready for that with their choice of words. This whole disaster is a process. I only hope that the people in charge have been quite well aware of these dangers and have used their fiddling around time to create the largest and safest evacuation plan in American history.

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