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In this frank lecture Michele Bachmann reveals, in the strictest confidence, what her Economic Policy would consist of to her assistant. Unfortunately for Mrs Bachmann our Republican Insider was stood listening with a cup to the wall in the room next door.

Michele Bachmann Reveals Her Economic Policy

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This is a transcript of the lecture given by Michele Bachmann, in the strictest confidence, to her assistant. Not only does the transcript reveal some insights into the “Christian Economics” of Bachmann but it also contains glimpses into the methods Bachmann employs when reaching conclusions into any matter.


“The Lord said unto me that I should fast and that He would not bestow his wisdom upon me until the third night of my prayers and starvation. Verily He said unto me that I could drink only wine which would be as His blood. I could be a drunk for Jesus Christ my Lord in Heaven above.

And it came to pass that on the first night of prayers and starvation that not a word was reported from the Lord unto Michele Bachmann. And it also passed that the same happened on the second night following another day of prayer and starvation. And lo though my tush stayed large on the third day of prayer and starvation the Lord said unto me that I could truly keep the poor fed with just a cart of fishes and twelve air filled sliced loaves of the cheapest sliced bread.

Her endeth the lecture of me Sarah Bachmann the idiot for Christ – Amen.”

Michele Bachmann hasn’t got a clue, she is a delusional idiot high on starvation and wine. If you need this matter spelt out in biblical terminology, get this:

Michele Bachman will act in a non-Christian manner. Michele Bachmann will not turn the other cheek. She is like the rich man who cannot go through the eye of a needle but fatter. Bachmann will support the unholy 1% against the 99% and only “idiots for Christ” will understand this. She is a false prophet and a stupid wolf in sheep’s clothing. She does that wide eye thing because she thinks she is sparkling with the holy spirit, of course she isn’t but she needs to get on medication fast. This woman is truly evil.

Support OccupyWallStreet and change the world. Share the hoarded wealth of the 1% who don’t need it! 

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