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Government shut down deliberately being caused by Democrats? What does that mean for the general public? How will the American commerce be affected? How will that affect the little businesses? To what end?

The Government officials of today seem to have absolutely no concept of reality or they just don’t seem to care about the possible repercussions of their chaotic talk; much less their actions.

Who stands the most at risk from the Democratic sector of government’s latest dire threat? I can almost guarantee you it will be any business that does business with the government. That means anyone working for those businesses will be laid off indefinitely. That should cover just about two thirds of all industry within America.

We can assume all government offices shall be shut down which means if you are on government aid of any type that will no longer be available. That means welfare recipients, food stamps, medi-care, medi-cal, disability, government pensions, etc., which should cover about two thirds of the American population.

Are the illegal immigrants ready to go home yet? There will be no more freebies in America for you to squander away. With no work for anyone in any fields because most everything within America is in someway tied in with the government.

Even the mom and pop shops won’t be spared from something like this if the Democrats follow through with their plan to shut down the government. All banks will be closed down as well. There will be no way to obtain any money for any reason.

Are the Democrats seriously going to basically do a terrorist maneuver like this? The Democrats are basically saying that if they can’t get their way they are going to throw the biggest temper tantrum in the history of the United States of America? These are the people in charge of the American Government? These are adults? American children are supposed to look up to and emulate these people? Heaven forbid!

This government body is not only a complete joke but a disaster. President Obama with his inability to lead and command his people is making the American Government look like a freak show to the rest of the world. These Democrats are giving all Democrats a bad name. Is America and Democracy a joke to you people in the White House? Are American people nothing more to the lot of you then just a play thing?

The really sad part about all of this for me is that I grew up being taught to respect authority. I was taught that the laws were there to protect the innocent and the government is not only there to guide us, but to protect us as well.

There is no protection from threats like these. I can’t even respect a government that threatens its people like this. I’m calling for President Obama to be impeached immediately. I’m calling for a reorganizing of the American Government immediately; before the Democrats in charge can pull off this despicable act against the American people.

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