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The American media have seen proof that Barack Hussein Obama is an American citizen and the rightful president of the United States of America but they still pursue the matter. There is far more proof that Sarah Palin is not Trig Palin’s mother and to alledge that Trig is Bristol Palin’s second child born out of wedlock but for some reason the American media is not interested in this story.

Is Sarah Palin Trig Palin’s Mother or Grandmother?

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Professor Bradford Scharlott of Northern Kentucky University believes that the conspiracy theory about the real mother of Trig Palin is more likely true. This theory is that Sarah Palin is Trig’s grandmother and Bristol Palin’s second child. Professor Scharlott has looked at the evidence and has found that it is far more viable than the evidence that President Obama was born in Kenya.

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The Palin Press Release following the Birth of Trig Palin

“Governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd welcomed the arrival of their fifth child this morning. The Palin’s were grateful that the Governor’s labor began yesterday while she was in Texas at the Governor’s Energy Conference where she gave the keynote luncheon address but let up enough for her to travel on Alaskan Airlines back to Alaska in time to deliver her second son…”  

The professor lists plenty more evidence as to why the Palin’s account of the birth has to be questioned. This is included in an article on Gawker (click here to read it in full). Why didn’t anyone know that Palin was in labor at the time? Why did she take a twenty hour journey to the hospital while in labor? Why did the hospital not include Trig’s birth on their list of births for that day? What was the strange press release from McCain about? These questions have never been answered fully and (more strangely given the media’s attempts to hound the Obama’s to offer more and more proof about Barack’s birth in Hawaii) why haven’t the media pressed the Palin’s for the answers?

Common Sense and Palin’s “Fifth” Child

The best evidence comes from common sense. Ask any woman, particularly women in their forties, about how they would behave when they were/are pregnant.

  1. Would they be undertaking long journeys during the latter stages of their pregnancies?
  2. Would they travel while in labor? 

The only women who would answer “yes” to these questions are attempting to bolster the cover-up which has been perpetrated on the American public. These women will be a tea parties. 

Another Clue to Trig’s Real Mother

When Bristol Palin appeared on Dancing with the Stars her mother appeared to endorse her and, no doubt, to whip up votes from her many supporters and admirers. While on the show Sarah referred to her daughter as “Bristol the Pistol”. Now, what do all pistols have? They have triggers. Trig could therefore be Pistol’s second child. 

Telling the Truth

You may say that this evidence is a nonsense but if you are one of the many Americans who say that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a nonsense then you really need to sort out your brain and stop being stupid. Either that or admit you’re a racist or admit you are anti democracy. Whatever you need to start being truthful.

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