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In a speech intended to bolster his image as a strong and assured Commander In Chief, President Barack Obama forgets the death of a soldier he himself honored at a White House ceremony in 2009…

President Barack Obama’s relationship with the United States military is tenuous at best.  With his repeated refusal to comply with his own military general’s suggestions, with his just as repeated use of military personnel as a campaign tool backdrop, and with the president’s zero former experience with military-related service of any kind prior to winning election as Commander in Chief in 2008, it is widely accepted within the Obama White House that this president is not highly regarded by those sworn to follow his orders – even at the cost of their own lives.

Such was the case of Jared Monti, a soldier killed in Iraq in 2006 who President Obama himself awarded the Medal of Honor to at a White House ceremony in September of 2009, personally handing the medal to Jared Monti’s grieving parents.

How does one make such a horrible error?  How does a president forget the death of a soldier they themselves honored at a White House ceremony?  Simple – the death of that soldier means nothing to a president who only mouths words not of their own making with the intent to bolster their own image as Commander in Chief of the United States military.

See video below of Barack Obama honoring the death of Jared Monti, followed by the president declaring Jared Monti alive and well.