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As Darrell Issa pushes for further investigations into the Obama administration’s deadly Project Gunrunner scandal, a just-published Washington Post report takes aim not at President Obama – but Congressman Issa.

Unexpected?  No.  Congressman Darrell Issa had to know that once he began his quest for the truth of who knew what and when that powerful forces within the mainstream media would engage in an aggressive campaign to protect and insulate President Barack Obama from the growing scandal of Project Gunrunner.  A just-published Washington Post report by Jerry Markon and Sara Horwitz is the first of what will likely be an ever-increasing volley of attacks against Darrell Issa and any others who dare demand the truth from the Obama administration.

The Post article makes clear its intent to smear Issa while ignoring the facts of the Project Gunrunner/Fast and Furious scandal at its outset, making the claim that Congressman Issa was “briefed” on aspects of the operation in 2010.  Without giving any details as to the specifics of that briefing, or expounding upon the fact that the briefing was done at the request of Issa himself, who was even then attempting to get details on the project, the Washington Post hopes to paint Issa as already having been “in the loop” on an ordeal that now has both Republicans and Democrats declaring an absolute disaster, shockingly absent of leadership by any within the Obama administration.  The Post’s headline attacking Darrell Issa also neglects to reflect the strongly worded rebuke of Frederick R. Hill, a spokesman for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.  Hill described to the Washington Post the view that the Department of Justice knew less about Operation Fast and Furious than did members of Congress with the following: “This irresponsible and false accusation is indicative of a Justice Department bereft of leadership and rattled by the revelations of its own misconduct.’’

Such slanted and deceptive reporting is nothing new for Jerry Markon of the Washington Post.  A quick review of his past stories shows a “reporter” consistently attacking conservative causes and politicians.  A NewsBusters report from 2009 took Mr. Markon to task for his dubious protection of then Supreme Court nominee and staunch liberal, Sonia Sotomayor.  Another NewsBusters report outlines Markon’s hopes for a successful challenge against Arizona’s controversial immigration law by the Eric Holder Department of Justice – the very same Department of Justice Markon is now attemting to protect against Darrell Issa’s Congressional investigations.

As for Sari Horwitz, the other author of the anti-Issa hit piece, she actually wrote an article late January of this year describing Project Gunrunner as, “…a signature effort by the Obama administration to assist Mexico in stemming the flow of guns south of the border.   Horwitz also attempted the dubious connection within that same article between the need to support Project Gunrunner with continued funding, and the shooting tragedy of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

So it appears one side of the Washington Post’s mouth is attempting to state the Obama administration – namely Eric Holder and Barack Obama, knew little about the details of Project Gunrunner, while the other side of the mouth recently described the plan as “a signature effort by the Obama administration…”

Nice try Washington Post.  This investigation, and the involvement of high ranking officials within the Obama administration, will not be covered up.  The truth will be known…