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In a just-released interview to a Black radio host given within hours of Congressional Black Caucus members declaring "war" on the Tea Party, President Barack Obama calls for the listening audience to mobilize inside America.

“Even if it means the threat of race riots. They are willing to go that far – go down that road if need be. If the Obama team can’t guilt enough of White America into voting for them in 2012 – they are just fine with trying to scare the sh-t out of them to do it.”  -Insider: August 15th, 2011


The last face to face interview granted by Insider left me incredulous.  Details of a race-based re-election plan seemed far-fetched, even for an Obama administration and fellow progressive Democrats who have already proven themselves repeatedly willing to play the race card to their collective political benefit.  The threat of race riots though as a means to ensure re-election in 2012?  That struck me as too much – too far – too beyond the sometimes abnormal norms of American politics.

I no longer have doubts as to the warnings given us by Insider.

Since that interview was published, repeated declarations by both liberal media and politicians, with an assist from Labor Union leaders, have come forth with ever greater sound and fury declaring that Barack Obama’s increasing unpopularity among voters is a direct result of widespread racism in America.  More recently, that language has been further heightened by members of the Congressional Black Caucus, and even President Obama himself, who just today informed listeners during an interview with Black radio host Tom Joyner that they needed to mobilize.  Joyner, like the Congressional Black Caucus members, made a specific war reference – to which President Obama agreed.  As for the Black Caucus members themselves – they went so far as to warn Black voters of possible lynchings, and like Obama, called for them to prepare and mobilize for the upcoming 2012 election.

What so recently appeared so unlikely to me – that a President of the United States would be willing to elevate the issue of race in America to the point of potential outright conflict as part of some ill-conceived version of a divide and conquer re-election plan, now looks to not just be a mere possibility… but sadly, an increasing probability.

As much as I hope and pray they are wrong, Insider’s information regarding a Barack Obama race-based re-election plan appear to already be proving very accurate…


“Don’t you understand it then?  How race – that very thing that pulled his ass out of the fire back in 2008 – that’s the plan for 2012.  But even more of it.  They got an entire plan to utilize it.  Targeting certain states.  A media campaign.  Use it as a weapon against prospective opponents…

…It’s in place and underway – being developed. Further developed.  It’s gonna – gonna tie it in with the unions somehow.  I don’t know exaclty how – just that’s included in it.  It will be an all out campaign on race.  The goal is to completely mobilize the Black vote while shaming an even greater number of white voters into not opposing a second Obama term.”

-INSIDER: August 15th, 2011